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ዝብኢ እንተሓነኸስ ፡ ንነብስኻ ይደሊ!

Who is Yemane Teklegergish
የማነ ተኽለገርግሽ መን ኢዩ?

ካብ ግዱሳት ተጸናጸንቲ እከይ ውዲታት

ናይ ቅንያት በዓል ነጻነት ክኾነልኩም ንምነ!!! ዝበሃል ስለ ዝተሳእነ ኣይኮናን ጠፊእና ጸኒሕና፡ ኣብ ካልእ ጽምዶ ስራሕ ስለ ዝተታሓዝና’ምበር። ታሪኽ ብመሰልቱ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ፡ በቲ ክውን ሓቅታቱ ኢዩ ክዝንቶ ዘለዎ። ነዚ እምነት እዚ ብምሓዝ ኢና ድማ፡ ንኹሎም ጉራቔናት ንመሰለት ክውንነቶም፡ በቲ ዝመስልዎ ሓቅታት ንምግላጽ እንምድብ ዘለና። Continue reading ዝብኢ እንተሓነኸስ ፡ ንነብስኻ ይደሊ!

The Tale of a Death Wish ‘Journalist’

For a compulsive liar such as Amanuel Eyasu, even a generous sized ear won’t help to get the story right.

By Helen Berhe,

Amanuel Eyasu of Assena.com, embarrassed himself and his death wish followers for the fourth time after reporting a rumor that has never been a rumor to anyone but to himself. By now, everybody knows Amanuel Eyasu is very much obsessed with President Isaias’ health and rings the alarm bell whenever he missed him on the state television or on shabait.com for more than a week. Continue reading The Tale of a Death Wish ‘Journalist’