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The BBC: Guardian or Suppressor of Truth

The BBC and its bias reporting on EritreaBY YAFET ZEREOU

As a child growing up in the Horn of Africa, I always used to wonder why my mother had a deep mistrust of the BBC. She would label any gossip monger or liar as ‘BBC’. What made my mother’s insight into the BBC more remarkable was that at the time nearly everybody would have their ears pinned to the crackling shortwave BBC news broadcasts and took their word as the Gospel truth. Continue reading The BBC: Guardian or Suppressor of Truth

Al Jazeera: Preserving a Lucrative Anti- Eritrea Cottage Industry in Decline

Al Jazeera’s vile accusations against members of the Eritrean Diaspora, without providing any verifiable evidence to support its allegations, only undermines the network’s credibility.

Why is Al Jazeera rehashing an old tired story and repeating its falsehoods?


In a recent article, Al Jazeera, quoting two notorious individuals with close ties to the regime in Ethiopia, accused members of the Eritrean Diaspora of being “spies for the government of Eritrea”. Similar accusations were made by these same groups and individuals in the past, but were dismissed when found to be outright lies. Continue reading Al Jazeera: Preserving a Lucrative Anti- Eritrea Cottage Industry in Decline

‘Channel of ISIS and Al-Qaeda’: Dubai Security Chief Calls for Bombing of Al Jazeera

“For how long will they [Al Jazeera] continue to tamper with the security of Egypt and the Arab world?” – Dubai Security Chief Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan

A senior security official in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has called for the bombing of Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based propaganda media network.


Dubai’s security chief Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan, known for his controversial social media posts, has called for Al Jazeera to be obliterated. The General accuses the Qatar channel of siding with the perpetrators of this week’s deadly Sinai attack. Continue reading ‘Channel of ISIS and Al-Qaeda’: Dubai Security Chief Calls for Bombing of Al Jazeera

Fake News, The BBC and Eritrea

This is a classic BBC Fake News case and why you should learn to take everything you read about Eritrea with a grain of salt and a dash of pepper.


Sometime in April of 2017, the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit published its findings about a complaint made about an article on Eritrea. On the face of it, it would appear that the BBC had done the right and honourable thing by acknowledging a mistake it made. After all, this is the BBC where we are told in the BBC’s Complaint Framework Document that, complaints were very important and would be dealt with as quickly as possible. Continue reading Fake News, The BBC and Eritrea

Silencing Eritrea …

As in the past, any attempt to silence Eritrea will fail, and Eritrea’s voice will resonate even louder, as no one can muzzle the voice of truth and justice forever.


The late Samuel Mahaffy once wrote that “the effort to invisibilise countries like Eritrea grows from an international strategy to main power and control over others. It perpetuates hegemonic discourse, which is of course is not really discourse at all”.

He lived long enough to see the misrepresentation of Eritrea. Historian Michel Rolph Trouillot in his book “Silencing the Past” writes about how narratives are created and how entire histories of peoples can be distorted. He said “the production of historical narratives involves the uneven contribution of competing groups and individuals who have unequal access to the means for such production”. Continue reading Silencing Eritrea …

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: Distorted News Stories

Mincing words or resorting to deceitful packaging cannot alter the reality.

Alsharq Al-Awsat should contribute to objective realities through impartial and nuanced reporting and analysis of news and events in the region instead of propagating false narratives to whitewash the regime in Ethiopia.

By Ministry of Information,

In the past few days, the London-based Alsharq Al-Awsat has published – in its Arabic and English editions – a number of distorted “news stories” on Eritrea.

To embellish and rationalize the TPLF’s continued flouting of international law and its occupation of sovereign Eritrean lands, the paper gullibly parrots mendacious pronouncements of the regime’s new Foreign Minister who claims, with a straight face, that his government “has long accepted the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission ruling on Badme”. Continue reading Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: Distorted News Stories

Martin Plaut is Giving Journalism a Black Eye

Journalism is dying because it is being murdered by irresponsible and agenda-driven clowns such as Martin Plaut.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

Eritrea’s existence as a sovereign nation, and a full member of the United Nations, is a product of the hard-working, independent, resilient, and self-reliant people that overcame all odds and came out victorious.

Martin Plaut, is a western agent of death, propagandist that claims to be a journalist. He has been on the quest to undo hard won independence and to see the endless suffering of the Eritrean people. Continue reading Martin Plaut is Giving Journalism a Black Eye

The Tale of a Death Wish ‘Journalist’

For a compulsive liar such as Amanuel Eyasu, even a generous sized ear won’t help to get the story right.

By Helen Berhe,

Amanuel Eyasu of Assena.com, embarrassed himself and his death wish followers for the fourth time after reporting a rumor that has never been a rumor to anyone but to himself. By now, everybody knows Amanuel Eyasu is very much obsessed with President Isaias’ health and rings the alarm bell whenever he missed him on the state television or on shabait.com for more than a week. Continue reading The Tale of a Death Wish ‘Journalist’