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2015 in Review: Mainstream “Inside Eritrea” Exclusives

mainstream media portrial and inside Eritrea exclusives
“If there is a system behind the stereotypical reporting on Eritrea and the singling out of this small nation as the major villain in the politics of the Horn, one may wish to turn from journalism to fiction.” – Tanja R. Müller

By Simon Keleta,

Eritrea saw a boost in media coverage in 2015. As the nation made diplomatic and soft power gains, a normally quiet and silent international media came out of the woodworks to opine on all things Eritrea, attempting to steer the newly emerging narrative such that it would resemble the old one.

Media portrayals made clear attempts to cast Eritrea as a nation making a political U-turn, reforming and changing direction. Most notably, we were told that Eritrea was “opening up” or that it was “opening the doors”–Eritrea’s glasnost. The word “open” implies that the nation was previously closed. Continue reading 2015 in Review: Mainstream “Inside Eritrea” Exclusives