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Death Toll Soars to 113 in Addis Ababa Garbage Landslide (Update)

Scuffles break out in Ethiopia as bereaved families accuse rescue workers of delays after rubbish collapse kills scores.

CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE. “The Ethiopian government is fully responsible for this totally preventable disaster. The government was aware that the landfill was full to capacity but continued to use it regardless. It also let hundreds of people continue to live in close proximity.” – Amnesty International (Photo: Reuters)


Bereaved families scuffled with rescue workers on Tuesday at a dump (aka ‘Koshe’) in the Ethiopian capital where the collapse of a mountain of rubbish killed at least 113 people on Saturday.

Relatives pushed and shoved emergency workers, angrily accusing them of delays and saying dozens of people were still missing after the disaster at the Reppi dump.

“Nobody is helping us. We are doing all the digging ourselves. It is shameful,” Kaleab Tsegaye, a relative of one victim, told the Reuters news agency. Continue reading Death Toll Soars to 113 in Addis Ababa Garbage Landslide (Update)

Miracle or Mirage? Manufacturing Hunger and Poverty in Ethiopia

Executive Summary

As months of protest and civil unrest hurl Ethiopia into a severe political crisis, a new report from the Oakland Institute debunks the myth that the country is the new “African Lion.” The report exposes how authoritarian development schemes have perpetuated cycles of poverty, food insecurity, and marginalized the country’s most vulnerable citizens.

By Frederic Mousseau | Oakland Institute,

By In 2016, food crisis in Ethiopia once again topped the international headlines, with 18 million people reportedly requiring food assistance for survival. The food crisis has been widely attributed to climatic events resulting from El Niño, and presented as an exogenous incident in Ethiopia’s acclaimed economic miracle and double-digit growth rate.

This narrative is convenient for the Ethiopian government. For many years, the regime has used the argument of its economic success to counter the critics of its development strategy and repressive rule. It has labeled organizations such as the Oakland Institute as being ‘anti-development’ after they exposed the devastating impact of its policies on the livelihoods and basic human rights of millions, including many indigenous communities across the country. Continue reading Miracle or Mirage? Manufacturing Hunger and Poverty in Ethiopia

Eritrea’s Transition to Sustainable Development Goals

Transitioning From Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): What Does It Mean For Eritrea

By Prof. Abraham Kidane,

The Millennium Development Goals Agenda (MDGs) that was heralded by the United Nations in year 2000 formally ends in December 2015, and will be succeeded by the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda (SDGs) beginning January 1, 2016. As you know, development is a dynamic process that should not have a beginning and ending dates. However, I believe that value has been added by the segmentation of the development effort into fifteen-year periods that would enable countries to monitor their progress. The MDGs have enabled nations to speak the same development language, compare experiences, learn from each other’s best practices and innovations, and to march further and together in quest of sustainable development.

As you know, economic growth is a relatively simple concept in that it seeks to enhance quantitative changes from human activity involving factors including capital, technology and organizational and managerial inputs.In a given year, an economy’s growth can be measured as change in gross domestic product (GDP) and GDP per capita. Economic growth is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for development.  Continue reading Eritrea’s Transition to Sustainable Development Goals

Ethiopia Heading for Worst Drought in Decades

The number of people who require food assistance in Ethiopia could reach to 15 million – more than in Syria, if there is no timely response.

By Ruadhán Mac Cormaic | for The Irish Times,

Ethiopia is facing its worst drought in decades, with more than eight million people already in need of food assistance as a result of weather conditions that are set to worsen, the aid agency Goal has warned.

The failure of two consecutive rainy seasons, including the summer rain that normally feeds 80-85 per cent of the country but was exceptionally weak this year, has devastated livelihoods and greatly increased malnutrition rates in six Ethiopian regions.

The United Nations has said the level of acute need has already exceeded levels seen in the Horn of Africa drought of 2011, which led to a famine that claimed an estimated 200,000 lives in neighboring Somalia, and the drought is projected to become more severe next year.

“The concern is that if there is not a timely response the situation will deteriorate,” said John Rynne, Goal’s director in Ethiopia. Continue reading Ethiopia Heading for Worst Drought in Decades

Why is Ethiopia Hungry Again?

How the current starvation of 8.2 million Ethiopians unravel the deception of Ethiopia’s economic miracle. Famine doesn’t give a hoot to the regime’s cooked statistics and propaganda. The fundamental problem still lies on poor governance, not drought; incompetent and indifferent governance than environmental factors. Period!

By Jawar Mohammed,

Just a couple months ago, Western leaders and media outlets were fascinated with Ethiopia’s ‘miraculous’ economic growth. From Bill Gates to Obama, and everyone else in between, they were convinced and tried to persuade others that Ethiopia had put that sad history of famine behind itself and emerged as the fastest growing economy in Africa, if not the world.

Fast forward to these past few weeks, reports have begun – giving back Ethiopia its old name – a starving country begging for urgent food aid. A month ago, the number of people needing aid were reported to be 4.5 million; now its 8.2 million and expected to reach 15 million by the end of this year. Continue reading Why is Ethiopia Hungry Again?

Famine Rides a Light Train in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s annual harvest of famine. The Black Horseman of the Apocalypse is showing his fearsome face once again in Ethiopia. This time he is riding a light train.

By Alemayehu G. Mariam,

Does the Black Horseman ride in Ethiopia? No, famine rides a light train in Ethiopia!

In February 2014, I wrote a commentary entitled “A Glimpse of the Creeping Famine in Ethiopia” based on an NBC investigative report in the same month on the creeping famine in Ethiopia.

NBC reported: Continue reading Famine Rides a Light Train in Ethiopia