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EU Supports Eritrea to Improve Food Security


At the beginning of 2019 the EU launched a four years’ project in Eritrea to help improve food security and offer better income to participating farmers.

The project, implemented through the Eritrean-Irish Development Partnership (Vita) with support from the Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), focuses on three major staple crops: wheat, sorghum, and potato.

A total of 400 cereals producers and 100 potato growers in the Maekel, Debub and Anseba regions are directly benefitting from the project.

As part of the project, farmers are provided with high-yielding and resilient potato seed (Electra and Burren) that enables them to multiply their production (25-30 tons per hectare) and thus, also their revenue.

This high-yield seed is being spread across the highlands to increase the number of communities and/or villages, which are using and benefitting from it.

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Coupled with the use of ‘climate-smart’ agricultural practices, such as soil and water conservation, organic composting, and small-scale community-based irrigation the project’s output is higher, more efficient production, better use of the environment, and higher revenues.

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On 17 September, the EU’s Ambassador accompanied by the Ministry of Agriculture and NARI officials as well as Vita and EU Delegation colleagues visited Tselot (ጸሎት) village, south-east of Asmara where farmers who have been using this high-yield potato seed gave a first-hand account of their experiences.

Eritrea: The 2016 Agricultural Assessment

The Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture conducted a two-day annual assessment meeting to examine the performance of all the six regions and agricultural divisions in their food security endeavours.


Every sector of a country’s economy is crucial for its national development, and, government owned and private organizations and institutions periodically assess their performance to evaluate their progress. That is what the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) did in the final days of last week.

The two-day annual assessment meeting of the MoA heard the reports of the six regions in general and the agricultural divisions in particular. Continue reading Eritrea: The 2016 Agricultural Assessment

A Report on Potato Seed Production in Eritrea

Light Case Study: Community Led Potato Seed Production, Multiplication and Distribution in Potato Growing Areas of Eritrea

By Pro Intense Africa,

Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is one of the most important crops in the world today. Potato produces more protein and calories per unit area, per unit time, and per unit of water than any other major plant food. Continue reading A Report on Potato Seed Production in Eritrea

Ireland and Eritrea: Promoting Development and Food Security

Seamus Crosse (Greenfield Dairy Solutions); Conor Ryan (Dovea); Professor Gerry Boyle (Teagasc director); Ger Ryan (general manager, Dovea); and James O’Loughlin (Teagasc), at a meeting of the Dovea Genetics, Teagasc and Vita partners in the cattle breeding programme in Eritrea

By Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion,

In 1994, Eritrea released the Macro Policy Paper (MPP), articulating a broad national development policy with a special focus on agriculture. Specific points raised in the document include: the need to create of a modern, technologically advanced and competitive agricultural sector; the importance of producing high value agricultural commodities through the development of irrigation and water collection systems; how to better utilize water for irrigated agriculture and new irrigation schemes; and the need to promote research and extension. Continue reading Ireland and Eritrea: Promoting Development and Food Security