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Joining Africa: From Anthills to Asmara

A Review of Charles Cantalupo’s Work by Samuel Mahaffy
A Review of Prof. Charles Cantalupo’s Work by Dr. Samuel Mahaffy. (Photo: Cover picture of a community eating from a common dish at an Eritrean wedding)

By Dr. Samuel Mahaffy,

FROM a Western world that is fearing Africa, exploiting Africa, or begrudgingly discovering Africa, Charles Cantalupo brings forward with poetic wisdom a call for joining Africa. This work defies the predominant discourse on Africa as The Dark Continent. Joining Africa unpacks a relationship with a continent and its diverse peoples and cultures that presumes separation and superiority and is built on subliminal ignorance.

Ebola and terrorism has been the sad wake-up call that engagement with Africa is no longer the province of development experts, NGOs, anthropologists and linguists. Sadly, the focus on Ebola and terrorism evokes deepening of stereotypes and fears about Africa. In this context, Joining Africa moves from poetry to prophetic wisdom. Africa is our no longer invisible neighbor. Joining Africa is a compelling work for our times. Continue reading Joining Africa: From Anthills to Asmara