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Eritrea Relies on Solar Power

eritrea solar power plant
An Italian company Enertronica is in the front row in the development of solar energy in Eritrea

By AskaNews,

Eritrea, located on the Horn of Africa, is rich in Sun and the Eritrean government believes in the development of solar energy, with the availability of 6 kilo Watt hour (Kwh) per square meter per day which is double to that of Italy and six times that of the UK.

Antonio Bonanni is the project manager of the Italian company Enertronica that engaged in the construction of photovoltaic systems in Eritrea after being awarded two contracts in recent years by the European Union and funded through the European Development Fund (EDF).

Not surprisingly, Brussels announced last December to provide Asmara 200 million euro aid for the years 2016-2020 in support of the energy sector, in the face of one of the lowest rates of access to ‘electricity’ that severely restricts economic development as well as the population’s access to social services such as schools, hospitals and health centers.  Continue reading Eritrea Relies on Solar Power

Italian Firm Wins Photovoltaics Contract in Eritrea

Photovoltaics (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting sunlight using solar panels

By Creato Martedì,

ENERTRONICA, a company operating in the field of renewable energy and energy conservation in the design and manufacture of elector-mechanical systems, the leader of the consortium of companies with the company Rossi Impianti Srl, has been awarded the design and construction of an innovative photovoltaic system with energy storage using batteries to be carried out in Eritrea.

The plant, commissioned directly by the Eritrean government and financed by the EU, is in fact a small Smart Grid with which, thanks to the simultaneous and coordinated photovoltaics, batteries, diesel generators and an intelligent interface to the national grid of electricity, it is possible to ensure continuity with the energy needs of the training center and research ERCOE (Eritrean Centre for Organizational Excellence). Continue reading Italian Firm Wins Photovoltaics Contract in Eritrea