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Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s Comments: Beyond Shameful

Philip-Hammond marauding migrants comment
UK foreign secretary Philip Hammond’s ‘marauding migrants’ comments branded ‘shameful’ in furious backlash. But are his comments also racist? (Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/PA)

By Ray Ja Fraser,

The UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond recently warned that African migrants “pose a threat to the standard of living and social structure of the UK and the rest of Europe.” Hammond also went on to use the term “marauding” to describe the migrants’ presence in the Calais (France) area. For many, his comments come across as cold and callous, and several Labour candidates rightly condemned Hammond’s comments as “alarmist…unhelpful…and dehumanising.” Continue reading Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s Comments: Beyond Shameful

UK Diplomats Clash Over Andargachew Tsige

WHAT A WIMP. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond (R) said he could not ‘find time’ for a phone call to raise the issue and did not want to send a ‘negative’ letter either.  Andargachew’s wife Yemi Hailemariam (L)

By Ian Birrell,

AN EXPLOSIVE row has erupted between diplomats and Ministers over their reluctance to help a British man on death row in Ethiopia.

A series of extraordinary emails, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, reveal officials’ increasing frustration at political inaction over Andargachew Tsege.

Tsege, 59, a father-of-three from London, was snatched at an airport in Yemen last June and illegally rendered to Ethiopia. There are concerns he may have been tortured. Continue reading UK Diplomats Clash Over Andargachew Tsige