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Tigray Dances only to the Eritrean Tune

Eritrean movies, music and TV shows in Tigray draws big crowds than the English Premier League, with no competition from Ethiopian TV that is obviously to the dislike of the government

By Mohammed Selman,

Hostile neighbors Ethiopia and Eritrea passed the bloodiest decade of war in 2000, with a tragedy that consumed more than [100,000]  lives. However, a decade later, the two countries are falling in love in the northern Ethiopian regional capital, Mekelle.

For centuries the history of northern Ethiopia has been filled with gruesome war stories and the city of Mekelle bears special witness. Nearly every family has contributed human alms to horrific wars. Almost every household features photographs of beloved sons hanging on ramshackle walls.

In the nearby jungle Meles Zenawi, now the prime minister of Ethiopia, and Isaias Afwerki, now the president of Eritrea, shared the armed struggle against the Derg’s military junta. And after 30 years of joint struggle and bloodshed, Afwerki’s country achieved long-sought independence in May 1993. Continue reading Tigray Dances only to the Eritrean Tune