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An Eritrean’s Perspective of the Peace Process

It’s my view that much of the President’s reform items will meet many halfway to join forces to contribute towards a much vibrant economy and to strengthen national capacity to play a critical role in the region.


The resolute and speedy events that have been unfolding between Eritrea and Ethiopia over the past couple of months are still gaining momentum, even as we speak today. The Ethiopian Prime Minister has already been to Asmara to sign a deal with his counterpart Eritrean President effectively ending the state of war between the two countries. Continue reading An Eritrean’s Perspective of the Peace Process

Fresh Headache for Museveni as Rival Ethiopian Army Enters Juba

President Kiir and rebel leader Machar are expected to form a transitional government of national unity with in sixty days. It seems that both leaders have lost appetite on the peace process altogether. Ethiopia needs to play a neutral force and not be seen to side with Dr. Machar, since Uganda has declared support for President Kiir and its troops are fighting alongside the South Sudanese army.

Is South Sudan heading to degenerate? Ethiopia host and chair the on and off South Sudan peace process and one of its General lately appointed to head UNMISS. With its long held allegiance with rebel leader Reik Machar, Ethiopia’s troop deployment in South Sudan is going to be part of the problem than the solution.

By Barbra Among,

THE first group of 90 Ethiopian peacekeepers have arrived in the South Sudan capital Juba, as the elements of Igad’s regional Protection and Deterrent Force begin to fall into place.

Their arrival a fortnight ago, however, does not pave the way for the near-term withdrawal of Ugandan troops from the conflict as the numbers are far below the required 2,500 boots on the ground.

But experts still see the deployment as a potential game changer as it places Ethiopia squarely at the centre of efforts to return peace to South Sudan.  Continue reading Fresh Headache for Museveni as Rival Ethiopian Army Enters Juba