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In Memory of September 1st and Our Founding Patriots

Eritrea's founding patriots
In memory of September 1st, 1961, the day armed struggle for national liberation starts, and in memory of our founding patriots…


Nations are always their narrations. This is the main reason that compels us to pay certain tribute to the past. Therefore, we have to honour past events, the story itself and most importantly our beloved brothers and sisters who accomplish such grand patriotic commitment.  Continue reading In Memory of September 1st and Our Founding Patriots

The Eritrean Camel Marches Confidently Ahead to the Future

In defiance, Eritrea was born; in defiance, it will live forever! Thanks to our resilience and patriotism, our nation is moving ahead with great confidence and excitement to the future

By Tecle Abraham,

THE Eritrean people at home and in the Diaspora have celebrated their 24th independence day colorfully and with great patriotic zeal. It is common knowledge that Eritreans always celebrate in a unique fashion not seen anywhere else in Africa. But I believe this year`s celebration was far more colorful and exciting.

Unlike in the previous celebrations, the atmosphere is filled with real hope and excitement about their future. I have intently watched all the videos across the country and elsewhere. The dancing, the poems, the speeches, entertainment and the active community participation were impressive and electrifying. The enthusiasm and the excitement was there for all to see. Continue reading The Eritrean Camel Marches Confidently Ahead to the Future

YPFDJ Deserve Our Praise

YPFDJ is a nationalist Eritrean Diaspora Youth organization that strives creating a strong, conscious, and patriotic youth movement.

By Dawit Ghebremedhin,

YPFDJ is a unique youth movement, a youth movement that is growing at a rapid rate. It is at such a rapid rate that the world is starting to take notice and that’s when you know you’re starting something big.

Where did I get this information that even the U.S. government is starting to take notice of YPFDJ you may ask? I got it from a presentation by Simon Tesfariam at this year’s conference in which he briefly discussed about how the YPFDJ is growing at such a rate that it is starting to get noticed. Continue reading YPFDJ Deserve Our Praise

Hail to Young PFDJ

Building Strong, Conscious and Patriotic Youth Movement

“As of now, the YPFDJ is the primary outlet for young Eritreans in the diaspora to express pride in their culture. Currently, there is no group aligned counter to the YPFDJ.” – The disgraced U.S. Ambassador Ronald K. McMullen


AMONG the Eritrean diaspora, as during the years of the armed struggle for independence, youth groups have always been an organized phenomena. Eritrean youth groups in the diaspora have in the past made an outsize contribution to the armed struggle for independence that greatly exceeded their numbers. Today, the youth group that is proudly carrying that mantle is YPFDJ.  Continue reading Hail to Young PFDJ

Kenya Makes National Youth Service Compulsory

Under the new law, all Kenyan high school graduates are required to sign up for a two year mandatory pre-university national service 

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Next is to emulate Eritrea’s Warsay-Yikalo plan.

By Bosire Boniface,

Kenya’s Senate has passed a law that brings back National Youth Service (NYS) conscription for high school graduates.

Under the law passed unanimously July 18th, the pre-university service will no longer be voluntary. All high school graduates will be required to sign up for the NYS, a programme that seeks to give young people vocational training, instill patriotism and empower them to help safeguard the country.

After completion of high school, there is that window period of about two years [while students wait for university admission] when the majority of the youths are idle,” said Senator Beatrice Elachi of the Alliance Party of Kenya who supports the legislation. Continue reading Kenya Makes National Youth Service Compulsory