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Exploring Eritrea’s Health Success Stories

Eritrea Health Success Story
Eritrea’s achievement in health sector create a promising prospects to child growth in the Sub-Saharan countries: UNICEF report

By Seare Habtemicheal,

The state of Eritrea, in the past couple of decades, has registered a remarkable success in the improvement of the people’s health status through its famous Health-for-all policy.

In just few independence years, the government has made an intensive effort in providing quality and accessible health care system and made a commendable achievement on the prevention of communicable diseases including malaria, HIV/Aids and most importantly immunization of children against the most deadly childhood diseases.  Continue reading Exploring Eritrea’s Health Success Stories

The Number of Medical Doctors in Eritrea on the Rise

With in 7 years time, Eritrea trained nearly 100 medical doctors and specialists

By TesfaNews,

Eritrea has shown tremendous progress in producing a number of competent medical doctors and specialists from its two medical schools based on its own capacity.

The Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry which was established inside the national referral hospital, Orotta, was first opened in 2004 with only 32 students by offering an eight-year course program in Medicine and a seven-year course program in Dentistry.  Continue reading The Number of Medical Doctors in Eritrea on the Rise