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Blast at Pro-Abiy Rally in Oromia Injured 29

Oromia region apparently torn between supporters and opponents of PM Abiy Ahmed

“Most Oromo nationalists consider themselves Oromo first and only accept Ethiopian identity with conditions. Abiy Ahmed’s political train is moving so fast with the Pan-Ethiopian idea that many Oromo nationalists have hopped off. Thus, the Oromo elites are describing Abiy as ‘neftegna.’ But to really help take Ethiopia forward, Oromo nationalists need to take further progressive measures, rather than simply reject Abiy’s unitary party.” – Nagessa Dube


A “bomb attack” on a rally in support of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed injured nearly 30 people Sunday, a police official said, in the latest sign of instability ahead of elections in August. Continue reading Blast at Pro-Abiy Rally in Oromia Injured 29