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WATCH: Politicizing Eritrean Migration

By The Wrong Kind of Green,

Coverage of Eritrean migration has been highly politicized leading to much confusion on the issue. Journalists usually quote suspected traffickers and/or activists with declared “regime change” agenda for their perspectives on conditions inside Eritrea and these accounts are then used to present a “human rights” case against the country. Continue reading WATCH: Politicizing Eritrean Migration

Vice President Biden-The US Must Also Call on Ethiopia to “Abide by its Treaty Obligations”

DOUBLE STANDARDS. If it was unacceptable for countries attempt to redraw borders by force or intervene militarily in Europe and called up on Russia to fulfill commitments it made and do what it agreed to do, then why not use the same standards with Ethiopia in Africa and call on the regime to abide by international law and respect its treaty obligations?

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

SPEAKING in Kiev, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said that “it is unacceptable in the 21st century for countries to attempt to redraw borders by force in Europe or intervene militarily because they don’t like a decision their neighbors have made.”

Biden called on Russia to “respect the country’s territorial integrity”. The US Vice President also called on Russia to “fulfill commitments it made” and the Vice President called on Russia to “Do what you agreed to do”.

Having met and chatted with the Vice President on election night in Chicago, I found him to be a straightforward person and have no reason to believe that he was merely parroting a scripted narrative, mere words to appease an ally Ukraine, and to annoy Russia.  Continue reading Vice President Biden-The US Must Also Call on Ethiopia to “Abide by its Treaty Obligations”