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Ethiopians Head into Yemen while Refugees Flee the Other Way

Newcomers don’t want to stay long in Obock. In the summer, 50°C temperatures and ferocious sandstorms sear this dusty port in Djibouti’s underdeveloped north. And yet this small town has become a haven for two very different groups. Travelling south are refugees fleeing the war in Yemen, 25 kilometres away across the Bab-el-Mandeb strait. Heading in the opposite direction: Ethiopian migrants taking smugglers’ vessels towards the very same conflict.

By Rachel Savage and Mohammed Ali Kalfood | for IRIN,

Nearly 35,000 people have made the journey southwards across the strait (which translates as ‘Gate of Tears’) to the tiny authoritarian state of Djibouti since March 2015, when Houthi Shia rebels overthrew the Yemeni government and Saudi Arabia responded with a relentless bombing campaign. Just over half are Yemeni. According to the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat, which monitors movements between the Horn of Africa and Yemen, the rest are Somali refugees, Djiboutian returnees and other nationalities. Continue reading Ethiopians Head into Yemen while Refugees Flee the Other Way

U.S. Vs China in Djibouti

IS THAT A FAREWELL? The U.S. suddenly branded its long time ally President Guellah of Djibouti a dictator and major violator of human rights but only after he extend support and welcomed China’s plan to protect its interests in Djibouti. Regime change is in the offing …

By Thomas C. Mountain,

The tiny country of Djibouti sitting at the strategically critical entrance from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea is quickly turning into the latest confrontation between the USA and China in Africa.

Djibouti, home to the only US permanent military presence in Africa, has recently notified the American military that they have to vacate Obock, a small secondary base which will see the installation of some 10,000 Chinese troops in their place. Continue reading U.S. Vs China in Djibouti