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Al-Sisi: Egypt Seeking No War with Sudan or Ethiopia

“I say this to our brothers in Sudan and Ethiopia: Egypt doesn’t conspire. We don’t conspire, neither do we meddle in the internal affairs of anyone and we are very, very keen to have a very good relationship”

“We are not willing to enter into war with our brothers or with anyone …” – President El-Sisi


Egypt neither interferes nor conspires against any other country, said President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in a press conference on Monday, amid tensions between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.

“It (Egypt) adopts a steady policy of building, developing and constructing,” Sisi added in a speech during the inauguration of projects in some governorates via video conference on Monday. “All nations of the region are in need to move away from the policy of war and conflicts…Egypt will never fight against neighbors. We practice peace in attitudes towards and relations the others,” he affirmed. Continue reading Al-Sisi: Egypt Seeking No War with Sudan or Ethiopia

Destabilizing Egypt, Ethiopia’s Nile River Dam

GERD as a casus belli . Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam is the white elephant in the room that is ticking to unleash the greatest instability the region has even seen. (Photo: Ethiopian Herald)


Ethiopia’s new “Grand Renaissance Dam”, scheduled to be completed next year, will take close to half (40%) of the Nile River’s water every year for the next 5 years as it fills up. How is Egyptian President Al Sisi going to survive for the next 5 years without almost half the Nile’s water when the country is presently suffering serious water and hydroelectric shortages, never mind crippling inflation, growing hunger and a terrorist insurgency? Continue reading Destabilizing Egypt, Ethiopia’s Nile River Dam

GERD – The Ethiopian Imperial Dream that may Turn into an Illusion

“All our efforts to [finance the dam] have been unsuccessful, leaving us with only two options. Either to abandon the project or do whatever we must to raise the required funds. I have no doubt which of these difficult choices the Ethiopian people will make. No matter how poor we are, in the Ethiopian traditions of resolve, the Ethiopian people will pay any sacrifice. I have no doubt they will, with one voice, say: “Build the Dam!” – Meles Zenawi, April 2, 2011, Guba Benishangul Gumuz.
By Malick Sarr,

According to the free online Encyclopedia Wikipedia: “Defined broadly, a visionary is one who can envision the future. Extended, a vision can be political, religious, environmental, social, or technological in nature. By extension, a visionary can also be a person with a clear, distinctive, and specific (in some details) vision of the future, usually connected with advances in technology or social/political arrangements.”

President Isaias Afewerki, fondly referred to by many as the great visionary leader, really did use his visionary acumen when he tried to dissuade his Ethiopian counterpart Melles Zenawi from going ahead with the Imperialist Ethiopian Legacy dream of damming the Nile. Continue reading GERD – The Ethiopian Imperial Dream that may Turn into an Illusion

Ethiopia, Egypt Dam Feud Drags on

Compromise or stop talking. While Sudan keep dragging the meeting, Ethiopia continued building the dam at a rate that outpaced the ten rounds of failed talks. Let Egypt take into account the legitimate aspiration of the Ethiopian people in development, and let Ethiopia take into account Egypt’s rights as the Nile is virtually their only source of water.

By Ayah Aman,

Negotiations between Cairo, Addis Ababa and Khartoum have entered a decisive stage in which the parties must express their final stance concerning the controversy and disagreement caused by Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam, which threatens Egypt’s annual share of the Nile waters. Meetings involving the parties’ foreign affairs and water ministers have intensified, as Ethiopia and Egypt are preparing by finding alternatives that speed up the implementation of the studies should the feud deepen and the negotiations fall through.  Continue reading Ethiopia, Egypt Dam Feud Drags on

Ethiopia: Rumors of Water War on the Nile?

“If it comes to a crisis, we will send a jet to bomb the dam and come back in one day, simple as that.” – Egyptian Officials

By Prof. Alemayehu G Mariam,

Late last month, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid Bin Sultan fired a shot across the bow from the Arab Water Council in Cairo to let the regime in Ethiopia know that his country takes a dim view of the “Grand Renaissance Dam” under “construction” on the Blue Nile (Abbay) a few miles from Sudan’s eastern border.

According to Prince Khalid, “The [Grand] Renaissance dam has its capacity of flood waters reaching more than 70 billion cubic meters of water… [I]f it collapsed Khartoum will be drowned completely and the impact will even reach the Aswan Dam…” The Prince believes the Dam is being built close to the “Sudanese border for political plotting rather than for economic gain and constitutes a threat to Egyptian and Sudanese national security…”  Continue reading Ethiopia: Rumors of Water War on the Nile?

Eritrea won’t Take Sides on Nile Waters

Eritrea won’t side with Sudan or Egypt against Ethiopia

By Shabait,

Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki disclosed that Eritrea won’t side with Sudan or Egypt or any other country on the issue of Nile waters because Eritrea does not believe there exists any reason for confrontation. He made this remark when he had an interview with a Norwegian Television called NRK.

He also advised that governments should not use the Nile River and its resources as a tool in view of the fact that the river and its resources are the asset of the present and future generations of the entire region.   Continue reading Eritrea won’t Take Sides on Nile Waters