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Ethiopia Blocks Social Media Ahead of Exams

Ethiopia social media blocked
Paranoia. Ethiopia blocked social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Viber and Instagram fearing a repeat of last month’s national scandal after University entrance exam question papers were leaked and posted online.


Ethiopia has blocked social media sites for the next few days, after questions from end-of-year exams were posted online last month, sparking a national scandal and leading to to the cancellation of the entire exam.

A government spokesperson said the ban was aimed at stopping students taking university entrance exams this week from being “distracted”.

The most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Viber are inaccessible throughout Ethiopia since Saturday morning. Continue reading Ethiopia Blocks Social Media Ahead of Exams

Oromo Activists Force Government to Suspened University Entrance Exam

Leakage everywhere. National University Entrance Exam in Ethiopia cancelled nationwide after leaked exam papers gone viral on social media.

By TesfaNews,

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian high school students were in for a rude shock today when the government unexpectedly cancelled the national University entrance examination following question papers leak.

The Higher education entrance exam was scheduled to take place as of today nationwide. However, students from the 800 exam centers across the country were seen returning home without taking the exams.

Picture of the leaked English and Mathematics exam papers have gone viral on social media yesterday.

People supporting the protests for greater rights for Ethiopia’s Oromo people are saying that they are responsible for the leak. Continue reading Oromo Activists Force Government to Suspened University Entrance Exam