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Operation Fenkil at its 31st Anniversary

Operation Fenkil, the epic three-day fierce battle to liberate the port city of Massawa
“Today is the 31st Anniversary of “Operation Fenkil”, the epic three-day battle for the liberation of Massawa. As the penultimate battle for the full liberation of the country, Operation Fenkil epitomized EPLF’s military prowess, ingenuity, meticulous standards of planning and coordination.” – Yemane G/Meskel


The month of February takes a center stage in the heart of every Eritrean as we commemorate “Operation Fenkil”, which resulted in the liberation of the port city of Massawa following a three-day fierce battle, from 8th to 10th of February 1990. Continue reading Operation Fenkil at its 31st Anniversary

Eritrea: A Look Back at the Battle of Afabet

During the Silver Jubilee Anniversary month, it is important to commemorate all of the great battles that took place during the armed struggle for independence. The Battle of Afabet (also known as the Demise of the Nadew Command) that took place in 1988 was a huge victory for the Eritrean Liberation fighters besides being a watershed battle in the Eritrean War for Independence that paved the way for Eritrea’s total liberation three years later.


It was at Adi Shirum that the outcome of Eritrea’s thirty-year Armed Struggle for Independence was decided in March 1988. The total liberation of Eritrea did not happen for another three years, but the Battle of Afabet was the moment the War of Independence’s ending became clear to both the colonial Ethiopian Army and the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF). Continue reading Eritrea: A Look Back at the Battle of Afabet