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Ethiopia: 24 Injured in Anwar Mosque Grenade Attack

Mosque Grenade Attack in Ethiopia
Instability is on the air. A hand grenade was thrown Friday at a mosque in the Ethiopian capital wounding dozens.

By TesfaNews,

A grenade attack on Friday during evening prayers at the biggest mosque in the Ethiopian capital injures at least 24 people and five in critical condition.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, and officials said they were trying to determine who was behind it.

Authorities are not sure who is responsible for the attack at the Grand Anwar Mosque but investigations are underway, said Information Minister Getachew Reda. Continue reading Ethiopia: 24 Injured in Anwar Mosque Grenade Attack

Ethiopian Muslims Stage Anti Government Protest

Ethiopian Muslim Protests – the other alternative means to take Ethiopians to the very gates of a post-TPLF rule


HUNDREDS of Muslims protesters demonstrated in Ethiopia Friday, demanding the release of 17 of their leaders jailed under terrorism charges last year.

“What the government is doing doesn’t solve the problem, rather it will worsen the situation,” said protestor Mohammad Seman, speaking at the demonstration following busy Friday prayers at a popular Addis Ababa mosque.

The leaders were arrested last August, following months of protests by Muslims accusing the government of interfering in religious affairs. They are currently on trial for intending to “carry out acts of terrorism.”  Continue reading Ethiopian Muslims Stage Anti Government Protest

Ethiopian Regime Gunned Down 25 Muslim Protesters

A quiet government takeover of Ethiopia’s Islamic Affairs Supreme Council will bring more death and destruction in the country

By TesfaNews,

More than 25 peaceful Muslim protesters, including one child, have been killed and scores wounded on Friday by government forces marking the beginning of more religious violence and bloodshed in the country.

Muslims in the country have been holding peaceful protests and mosque sit-ins for close to two years over the regime’s continued intereference in the Ethiopia Islamic Affairs Supreme Council including handpicking political operatives as leaders of the country’s highest Muslim Affairs body.

However, the government announced last week through its media that any ongoing peaceful protests including sit-ins by Muslims in the country are no longer tolerated.  Continue reading Ethiopian Regime Gunned Down 25 Muslim Protesters

State Department Slams Ethiopia on Human Rights

Forget Democracy. In Ethiopia today, there is a Thugocracy: a government of thieves, for thieves, by thieves


The U.S. government on Friday commended activists, citizens  and journalists for their courage in advocating for universal human rights and expressed concern over the heightened crackdown on civil liberties, rebuking several countries for shrinking the space for journalists and activists.

In its 36th annual report of human rights practices around the world, the State Department criticized the increased suppression of freedoms of expression, assembly, association and religion. The report said governments continued to repress or attack the means by which individuals organize and “demand better performance from their rulers” by instituting new impending laws throughout 2012.  Continue reading State Department Slams Ethiopia on Human Rights