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Martin Plaut is Giving Journalism a Black Eye

martin plaut Journalism is dying
Journalism is dying because it is being murdered by irresponsible and agenda-driven clowns such as Martin Plaut.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

Eritrea’s existence as a sovereign nation, and a full member of the United Nations, is a product of the hard-working, independent, resilient, and self-reliant people that overcame all odds and came out victorious.

Martin Plaut, is a western agent of death, propagandist that claims to be a journalist. He has been on the quest to undo hard won independence and to see the endless suffering of the Eritrean people. Continue reading Martin Plaut is Giving Journalism a Black Eye

Cyber Eritrea

Gone are the days when corporate media had the monopoly on information and news about Eritrea. Today, thanks to the Social media networking, the mainstream media is being challenged by citizen journalists from the Eritrean diaspora communities to produce accurate and timely information, content news about Eritrea.

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

During the struggle for Eritrea’s independence, with the gag order on any information on Eritrea in academia and in the mainstream media in place, it may have been difficult, but it was not impossible for Eritreans to get information about the liberation movement and developments in Eritrea.

The few landlines that were available in Eritrea at that time meant that news from home was still slow in coming and Eritreans were at the mercy of the mainstream media for information. But that changed when the Eritrean Diaspora decided to help with the establishment of the Voice of the Masses (DimtsiHafash) in 1979. Taped reports and faxes of reports, were distributed widely throughout the Eritrean Diaspora communities and Eritreans were able to get direct information from the ground. Continue reading Cyber Eritrea

Media Reporting From the Global Fringes – Observations from Eritrea and Beyond

“If there is a system behind the stereotypical reporting on Eritrea and the singling out of this small nation as the major villain in the politics of the Horn, one may wish to turn from journalism to fiction.” – Tanja R. Müller

By Tanja R. Müller,

Over the last three decades or so, I often found myself in places, first in Nicaragua in the 1980s and then in the Horn of Africa, that I would not have recognized when listening to international media reports. Even in pre-internet times, when short-wave radio access to the BBC World Service was one of the main connections to the wider world, reportedly even for Nelson Mandela in his prison cell, the news reported from places I was actually at often seemed to come from far away lands. Or at least I did not recognise that the reality reported on was how my daily life was supposed to look. Friends who lived in the 1970s and 1980s in post-liberation Mozambique shared this impression. Continue reading Media Reporting From the Global Fringes – Observations from Eritrea and Beyond

Eritrea and the International Media – An Outsider’s Perspective

Although the narrative on Eritrea is often misguided, cursory, or lacking in context, challenges to the mainstream perspective of the country can be found. We are privileged to have an insightful contribution by Hafsa Kara-Mustapha, a highly respected international journalist and political analyst. Here, she touches on Eritrea’s struggle for independent development, the global media, and a range of other geopolitical topics.

By Hafsa Kara-Mustapha,

The media may be our only source of information on conflicts happening far away but it’s by far the most unreliable. When discussing Eritrea, tragically sandwiched between two formidable African nations, much is said about its “dictatorial regime.” But what exactly constitutes a dictatorial regime in the opinion of a mainstream media that absolves the crimes of the wealthier nations while exaggerating those of its victims? Continue reading Eritrea and the International Media – An Outsider’s Perspective

Collon: Eritrea Needs Protection

“Eritrea is the victim of a vicious propaganda campaign only because it decides to outside of western dictate.” – Belgian journalist, writer and historian Michel Collon

By Nordic Africa News,

A Belgium-based journalist and writer says Africa and the world need to protect Eritrea to show that there’s another possibility.

Michel Collon in a seminar Friday during the Eritrean Festival in Sweden said Eritrea needs protection because to Western countries it is a bad example of a country that is making it outside of western dictate. Continue reading Collon: Eritrea Needs Protection

Eritrea: “Reader Discretion Advised”

While the Tour de France presented another opportunity to learn about Eritrea and its people, there were the unscrupulous that wanted to present this event as an anomaly in the country. This is how the mainstream media seemed to have found itself in a quandary. How could the Eritrea that it had defamed and misrepresented in its narratives produce athletes of such caliber?

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

The war for Eritrea’s independence produced a large Eritrean Diaspora which has recently also seen the addition of new migrants, who are finding their niche in the various communities, eking out a living for themselves, and trying to support families in the homeland. This large, tight-knit Diaspora population has very strong links with Eritrea and over the years, has watched as many well-meaning, and some ill-intentioned and ill-advised individuals and groups, presumed to define them, and worse, try to build a wedge between them and their country of origin, Eritrea. The assault on the Eritrean Diaspora and by extension, its compatriots inside Eritrea, was multi-pronged and the mainstream media played a huge role in the effort to destabilize Eritrea, exposing media fault lines in journalism ethics, especially when the subject was Eritrea. Continue reading Eritrea: “Reader Discretion Advised”