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Another Kenyan Stolen Election

Will the election of an ICC indicted Kenyan president defines President Barack Obama in Africa or will President Barack Obama use the election of Kenyatta to define his human rights policy in Africa?

ICC indicted President
Kenyan president – Indicted by ICC for crimes against humanity

By Thomas C Mountain,

That the fix was in was confirmed when the Godfather himself, son of a Kenyan, Barack Obama, called Uhuru Kenyatta, indicted for “Crimes Against Humanity” by those minions of Pax Americana, the International Criminal Court, to congratulate him for successfully conducting another Kenyan stolen election.

As in every election held in Kenya since Independence over half a century ago the ruling “la familia” stole the election “free, fair and square”. “La Familia” in Kenya means the same extended family of ethnic minority Kikuyu’s ruling Kenya from “Kenya’s Founder” Jomo Kenyatta to his son, Pax Americana’s man of the hour Uhuru Kenyatta, the head of “la Familia” that today owns upwards of 1 million hectares of Kenya’s prime land.  Continue reading Another Kenyan Stolen Election