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Asmara: A Beauty Frozen in Time

Asmara is Africa’s stunning new UNESCO World Heritage Site


Imagine, if you will, strolling through a quiet city where you may find empty intersections and very few people on the streets; a city with seemingly little connection with the outside world, as if it was located on an entirely different planet altogether. Continue reading Asmara: A Beauty Frozen in Time

The Historic Perimeter of Asmara and its Modernist Architecture

The Asmara Heritage Project (AHP) is currently preparing an application to UNESCO for the city to be accepted onto the World Heritage List. Asmara already meets 4 out of the ten criterions that are more than enough for the selection. The application will be presented on January 2016 and Asmara will be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List by July 2017. (Photo: Asmara’s Modernist architecture by Dr. Edward Denison)


Asmara represents perhaps the most concentrated and intact assemblage of Modernist architecture anywhere in the world. The urban design within the Historic Perimeter has remained untouched since its original implementation and subsequent evolution throughout the 1930s, and the architectural elements exemplify a superlative example of Modernist architecture in a complete urban setting.

These two contiguous and exceptional tangible components have nurtured a unique and distinct intangible social environment founded on Western Modernist design ideals realised in a highland African setting. Continue reading The Historic Perimeter of Asmara and its Modernist Architecture