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TPLF is Dead and Buried with Meles Zenawi

TPLF dead after Meles Zenawi
The Tigray people’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is now a hollow shell with no national or Tigray agenda, which failed even to fulfill its initial agenda. It only exists in name to benefit a handful in the name of Tigray.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

In 1998-2000, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) unleashed a deadly war against the people of Eritrea under the pretext of a boarder dispute. Soon thereafter it was evident that the agenda was and remains regime change and access to sea for greater (Abay) Tigray.

However, after over 120,000 Ethiopian and 19,000 Eritrean deaths, regime change by military force is unattainable. As a result these agendas have now taken various forms. The minority genocidal TPLF regime is consistently attempting to topple the government of Eritrea with the help of Washington. Continue reading TPLF is Dead and Buried with Meles Zenawi

Meles Zenawi’s Decision to Build Renaissance Dam was Out of Emotion: President Isaias

Renaissance Dam was born out of emotions and frustration by the late PM when he felt offended by the Egyptian’s dismissal of him in 1993. He vowed to President Isaias of Eritrea that he will bring Egypt and Sudan to their knees using the Nile as a weapon.


President Isaias Afewerki in his January 2016 interview with local journalists broadcast on Eri-TV described the late Ethiopian leader’s decision to build the Renaissance Dam as an emotional one and not well-thought-out.

President Isaias recounted how in 1993, while attending the OAU Conference in Cairo, the late Meles Zenawi had mentioned to him that he was going to “show the Arabs” because he felt slighted by Egyptian officials. Continue reading Meles Zenawi’s Decision to Build Renaissance Dam was Out of Emotion: President Isaias

Meles Zenawi Died Without Owning a Personal Car or House?

Meles Zenawi may have died with out owning a personal car or home but millions of dollars in offshore account and that’s why he was sometimes called as the ‘Champion of the poor’

By Mwaura Samora,

ETHIOPIAN Ambassador to Kenya Dina Mufti spoke to a Kenyan journalist Mwaura Samora on how Ethiopia outmaneuvered terrorists, Uhuru’s presidential jet saga and why the late President Meles Zenawi died without owning a car or a house.

Were you summoned by Kenyan officials after it was alleged that Ethiopia was the reason President Uhuru Kenyatta’s jet was re-routed on its way to Dubai?

There was no summons from anybody. I just got communication from the host nation, which is normal in diplomatic circles. So there were no summons.  Continue reading Meles Zenawi Died Without Owning a Personal Car or House?

Radio Asena Says Bye Bye

“This isn’t goodbye … we’ll certainly be back” – Radio Asena

By TesfaNews,

THE London based Eritrean opposition satellite radio program ‘Radio Asena‘ today broadcast for the last time and unplugged itself.

Founder and editor Amanuel Eyasu today officially announced that the unpopular satellite radio program will be discontinued effective immediately due to chronic lack of funding.  Continue reading Radio Asena Says Bye Bye

Ex-Ethiopian Minister Ermias Legesse Spills the Beans

Thee were too many unknown unknowns about the crimes the ruling EPRDF thugs commit against the Ethiopian people. Unfortunately, those who know the unknown unknowns do not tell and those who tell do not know the unknown unknowns… Well that was until Ex-Communication Minister Erimias Legesse started to spill the beans.


A 400-page book published in the United States by Netsanet Publishing Agency (NPA) in the Amharic language on the controversial legacy of Meles Zenawi and the EPRDF is a hot topic in Addis Ababa.

Entitled “The Gifts of Meles – A city without an owner”, it has been banned from public sale.

Copies can nevertheless be had on computer memory sticks, selling illicitly for up to 1000 birr (about $49).

It contains a critical account of the regime that pulls no punches written by an insider: Ermias Legesse, a former Secretary of State at the ministry for communication and government spokesman.

This former member of the EPRDF executive committee served in government for a dozen years until he defected in 2009 and took refuge in the United States.

An English translation of his book is due to be published soon. Continue reading Ex-Ethiopian Minister Ermias Legesse Spills the Beans

Pro-Unity Website Asmarino Apologizes for Covering Lies

Owner of Asmarino.com Mr. Tesfaldet Meharena and Ethiopia’s Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Addis Ababa

By Ghirmawi,

Asmarino.com, a pro-unity, anti-Eritrea misinformation website that has been under the bankrolling of CIA and the minority regime in Ethiopia, has caught many Eritreans by surprise after it has posted an apology to its handful of misinformed followers for the lies, rather they call it “unverified news”, that they have been propagating since late last week as if that was an isolated fairytale story they have manufactured in their 12 years of existence that are characterized by lies and deceit.

The reason for the apology was not coming from failure “to verify” the news as they claim but rather from a desperate attempt to present themselves as trustworthy propaganda outlets in front of their dwindling number of nationalist Eritrean readers –  face saving at best. Continue reading Pro-Unity Website Asmarino Apologizes for Covering Lies

Ethiopia, the “North Korea of Africa”

A televised tear of mourners for the late totalitarian dictator and Prime Minister of Africa’s North Korea, Meles Zenawi

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

In their attacks of countries and leadership that do not align themselves with the West, the western media and NGO community, there are two countries, Iran and North Korea, that are presented as examples of, and labeled as, “pariah states”.

It is not this author’s intention to validate the western media’s assumptions about these two nations, but if they are to use labels, they ought to call a spade a spade and label Ethiopia the “North Korea” of Africa as the label best fits the minority regime in Ethiopia more than any other country or leadership in the region. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck … Continue reading Ethiopia, the “North Korea of Africa”

Emasculation of the African with Awards, Grants and Prizes

British Sudanese entrepreneur and modern day neo-con collaborator, Mo Ibrahim, emasculating Africans with awards, grants and prizes …

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

I am always amazed at how much time and energy is spent by those of European decent discussing “Africa’s development”. Birgit Brock-Utne, an astute European educator of Norwegian origin, wrote the following in her book[1] about those who insist on preaching to Africa about development: Continue reading Emasculation of the African with Awards, Grants and Prizes