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Dictator Zenawi Goes Missing

With Meles now a vegetable, it seems only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.

By Thomas C. Mountain,

Long time Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi, missing in action for almost 2 months now, is reported to be in a coma leaving the Obama White House’s Crisis Team for Africa scrambling to find a replacement. Officially, Ethiopian “Prime Minister” Meles Zenawi has taken “sick leave” and “getting better”, end of story.

In reality the situation in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa finds the CIA media handlers floating the idea that with Meles Zenawi “sick” a “Transitional Government” will hold power until national “elections” scheduled for 2015 are held. Continue reading Dictator Zenawi Goes Missing

Countering Afwerki’s Diplomatic Gains? Where is Meles Zenawi?

Ever since President Afwerki travels to the UN, no one has seen or heard of Meles Zenawi for the past two weeks. But, where is he? Is it related to Afwerki’s latest diplomatic visit to the UN?

By TesfaNews,

Ever since the release of the damning classified US Embassy cables on Ethiopia by the whistle-blower organization Wikileaks, the haunted and embarrassed leader, Prime minister Meles Zenawi, decided to remain unusually ‘unavailable’ to any one, any one at all for the last 14 days and counting. People in Ethiopia are now asking, where is he? What is he doing?

It is not because the majority of Ethiopians care about him or his safety but because it is unusual of him to remain silent at all levels, for quite this long.

The last time he is been seen public was in his one day ahead of the scheduled trip to Cairo on Friday, Sept. 16 evening.  After a busy one day meeting with Egyptian officials, he has been seen hurriedly boarding a plane at Cairo international airport for a three and half hours flights to get back home. Or, so everybody thought. Continue reading Countering Afwerki’s Diplomatic Gains? Where is Meles Zenawi?