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Dictator Zenawi Goes Missing

With Meles now a vegetable, it seems only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.

By Thomas C. Mountain,

Long time Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi, missing in action for almost 2 months now, is reported to be in a coma leaving the Obama White House’s Crisis Team for Africa scrambling to find a replacement. Officially, Ethiopian “Prime Minister” Meles Zenawi has taken “sick leave” and “getting better”, end of story.

In reality the situation in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa finds the CIA media handlers floating the idea that with Meles Zenawi “sick” a “Transitional Government” will hold power until national “elections” scheduled for 2015 are held. Continue reading Dictator Zenawi Goes Missing

The Shadow Government of Ethiopia

Contrary to public rhetoric about democracy and transparency, the US puts its interests first. After Zenawi goes absent without constitutional leave of absence, the US once again works behind the scene for a smooth transition to satisfies its interests.

The people of Ethiopia will not have a say in the succession process as nothing works without the blessing of the US Embassy in Addis

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

On its 28th of July report Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) described the impact of the absence of Meles Zenawi and his leadership. Contrary to what Sebhat Nega and Bereket Simon portrayed, ESAT reported those middle management are in suspense all over.

The poorly explained absence of Meles has created deep tension that could tear the country apart. Rumors are abundant about emergency meetings. Lack of information has made high-ranking bureaucrats nervous and unable to run the daily affairs of the nation. According to the report, these groups are in a panic mode desperately seeking to get their families and dollars out thus creating a vacuum. Continue reading The Shadow Government of Ethiopia

Shrewd and Brutal Zenawi’s Rule Nearing its End

Shrewd, brutal, and a master at soliciting and spending aid money, Prime Minister Zenawi’s 20 years of rule could be nearing its end.

The Rise and Fall of tyrant Zenawi means the rise and fall of the entire EPRDF structure!

By Armin Rosen

Following the news of the past few years, you might get the impression that flamboyance and bellicosity are signature traits of any long-tenured dictator. But for every Muammar Qaddafi there’s a Meles Zenawi, the shrewd, technocratic Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Inside of the country, he’s known for imprisoning his political opponents, withholding development assistance from restive areas, stealing elections, and cracking down on civil society NGOs. Continue reading Shrewd and Brutal Zenawi’s Rule Nearing its End