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(Interview) // ‘The World Needs to Know the Truth about Eritrea’

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Stauffer published a book in the German language to let the world know the truth about Eritrea.
Dr. Hans-Ulrich Stauffer, an old friend of Eritrea, has always maintained his connection with Eritrea and its people. Last year, he published a book in the German language to let the world know the truth about Eritrea. (Photo: Kostas Maros)


Today, Q&A brings you an old friend of Eritrea, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Stauffer, an attorney of law and lecturer at the University of Basel. Dr. Stauffer made his first connection with Eritrea at the beginning of the 1970s during the armed struggle for independence. He knew and visited the field to get a good insight into how the people of Eritrea worked and struggled to get their independence. Continue reading (Interview) // ‘The World Needs to Know the Truth about Eritrea’

Eritrea: Al-Jazeera’s Wayward Demeanor

What has prompted Al Jazeera to wage relentless smear campaigns against Eritrea in the past few years?


Qatari-Government funded TV Channel, Al Jazeera, published last week a defamatory article on Eritrea under the baffling title: From Abu Dhabi to Washington: how Eritrea turned into a new African weapon. Continue reading Eritrea: Al-Jazeera’s Wayward Demeanor

Views and Musings about the BBC

The BBC and mainstream media coverage about Eritrea have often reinforced, misguided and outdated views and perspectives with minimal or no fact-checking.


Last week, it was revealed that Eritrea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be summoning the British Ambassador. Although this development was precipitated by the recent highly provocative and questionable comments made by a BBC Tigrinya Language Service program ‘journalist’ in regard to Eritrea, the country’s Ministry of Information noted that the problem was, in fact, much deeper and extended beyond the latest remarks. The recent series of events raises many interesting points of discussion. Here, I will briefly touch upon a few. Continue reading Views and Musings about the BBC

The Economist’s Tom Gardner – Savior Complex?

Time to end the misleadingly simplistic, culturally ill-informed, and politically dangerous narratives about Eritrea and the Horn region.

Ulterior political motives aside, the problem with some mainstream media journalists, such as Tom Gardner, is their condescending attitude and misguided belief that they can dissect complex realities and processes in any African country in a couple of days visit. That’s an insult to the people’s intelligence.


Much of western media coverage of the Horn of Africa tends to focus on negative attributes or problems. So when Eritrea and Ethiopia signed the “Peace and Friendship Declaration” on 9 July 2018, followed by the Joint “Declaration on Brotherly Relations and Comprehensive Cooperation” by Eritrea and Somalia on 30 July 2018, and then a visit by President Salva Kiir of South Sudan to Eritrea, there was expectation that the tone would change and the negative views on Eritrea that had persisted for a couple of decades would improve. Continue reading The Economist’s Tom Gardner – Savior Complex?

Clarifying Recent Newsweek Coverage on Eritrea

Misrepresenting Eritrea. Newsweek’s hasty comparisons – and the broader inaccurate, reductive narrative on Eritrea – display the poor state of reporting and understanding about Eritrea. Proper understanding of Eritrea requires a more grounded, objective, contextual approach and balanced coverage and should avoid one-sided, biased portrayals that resort to simplified, clichéd perspectives and poorly crafted comparisons.


Last week, Newsweek published an article about Eritrea decrying the internal situation in the country. As has become so common with reports on Eritrea, the article was heavily biased, overly simplistic, filled with stereotypes, and devoid of context, ultimately serving to poignantly encapsulate how coverage of the country is so problematic.

Lacking originality or accuracy, the article frames Eritrea alongside North Korea. In recent years, it has become quite common to see Eritrea, a young, low-income, developing country located within the volatile Horn of Africa region, derogatorily described as secretive, the “North Korea of Africa,” or even the “hermit kingdom.” Continue reading Clarifying Recent Newsweek Coverage on Eritrea

Fake News, The BBC and Eritrea

This is a classic BBC Fake News case and why you should learn to take everything you read about Eritrea with a grain of salt and a dash of pepper.


Sometime in April of 2017, the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit published its findings about a complaint made about an article on Eritrea. On the face of it, it would appear that the BBC had done the right and honourable thing by acknowledging a mistake it made. After all, this is the BBC where we are told in the BBC’s Complaint Framework Document that, complaints were very important and would be dealt with as quickly as possible. Continue reading Fake News, The BBC and Eritrea