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Meb Keflezighi to Race Boston Marathon One Last Time

Meb Kiflezghi Boston Marathon 2014
After taking a year off to focus on the Rio Olympics, a Boston Marathon hero Meb Keflezighi will make his return to the race in 2017 for the last time. His professional marathoning career will, therefore, come to an end in the same place it began. (Photo: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe)

By Nick Zaccardi | NBC Sport,

Meb Keflezighi will end his elite racing career with the Boston and New York City Marathons next year.

Keflezighi, 41, was announced as part of April’s Boston Marathon elite field on Wednesday. The 2004 Olympic silver medalist previously announced he would retire after racing the New York City Marathon next November.

Keflezighi’s greatest marathon successes came in New York City and Boston, winning the 26.2 mile races in 2009 and 2014, respectively. Keflezighi’s win in Boston came one year after twin bombings rocked the world’s oldest annual marathon. Continue reading Meb Keflezighi to Race Boston Marathon One Last Time

Yonas Mebrahtu Wins the 35th Annual Shelter Island 10K

Yonas Mebrahtu crosses the finish line at the 35th annual Shelter Island 10,000m

By Joe Werkmeister,

THE next time Yonas Mebrahtu runs a competitive race, he may employ a new, unusual strategy: no sleep. Such was the case before Saturday’s Shelter Island 10,000 for the champion of the 35th annual race.

A native of Eritrea, a small east African country that borders the Red Sea, Mebrahtu’s journey to Shelter Island took him on a long path leaving him no time for rest.  Continue reading Yonas Mebrahtu Wins the 35th Annual Shelter Island 10K

Visiblizing Eritrea

There is more than banal ignorance in the invisiblization of Eritrea. Time for the U.S. to accept Eritrea—as most nations of the world do—as an important member of the family of nations.

By Dr. Samuel Mahaffy,

ERITREA is invisiblized by its detractors. U.S. foreign policy, Western strategic alliances and media propensity to cover Africa only when and where there is a dramatic crisis, conspire to invisiblize countries like Eritrea.

The scholar and linguist Noam Chomsky sees an insidious Western agenda in such invisiblization. In a book he co-authors with Andre Vltchek he suggests that “Western misinformation has been clearly targeting countries that have been refusing to succumb to Western dictate.”

Even significant achievements of Eritrea and its people are little noted in the Western press. When Meb Keflezighi won the Boston Marathon this year, headline reports were that he was the first American since 1983 to win the race. Continue reading Visiblizing Eritrea

John Kerry Gaffes Boston Marathon Champ as a “Kenyan Descent”

Just last month, an American won the Boston Marathon for the frist time in 30 years. Which was inspiring and only fair since a KENYAN has been president for the last six,”- President Obama during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last Saturday.

Deliberate or not, such kind of gaffe from a U.S. official is UNACCEPTABLE. It is an insult to Eritreans and the Champ Meb Kiflezghi as well

By Madote,

DURING a speech made at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, John Kerry, Secretary of State, gleefully told the crowd an American won the Boston Marathon, and added the winner, Meb Kiflghzi, was of Kenyan descent. Kerry Said:

This year, nothing negative to anybody in Ethiopia, but an American won the Boston Marathon. (Applause.) So, anyway. Pretty remarkable, though I might add of Kenyan descent. So I don’t know what it is. We’ve got to, I think, somehow get people running more or something like that.”

Many Eritreans, including myself, were disappointed by Kerry’s remark. We felt he purposely gaffed Meb’s Eritrean origin in order to appease Ethiopia.  Continue reading John Kerry Gaffes Boston Marathon Champ as a “Kenyan Descent”

Meb Kiflezghi Visits the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the UN

In highlighting the importance of sports for youth refugees it is especially exciting to be joined today by Mr. Meb Keflezighi, who is himself a refugee from Eritrea and who, just last Monday, won the Boston Marathon.  Mr. Keflezighi, last week’s race was a moving day for all involved. You moved everyone by moving the fastest! Congratulations on your victory!” – Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General

Meb Kiflezghi welcomed by Ambassador Girma Asmerom and staff at the Eritrean Permanent Mission in New York

By Eritrean Mission to the UN,

ON MONDAY 28 April 2014, Meb Kiflezghi, an Eritrean-American winner of the New York and Boston Marathons and an Olympic Silver Medalist, visited the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the United Nation in New York.

Meb was congratulated on his tremendous accomplishments by Ambassador Girma Asmerom, the Permanent Representative of Eritrea to the UN, as well as the staff at the Eritrean Mission.  Continue reading Meb Kiflezghi Visits the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the UN

Eritrean-American Meb Keflezighi Wins Boston Marathon

For the first time in 31 years, an American man wins the Boston Marathon. 

Meb Keflezighi won the men’s division of the Boston Marathon, the first American to do so since 1983 and one year after the race and the city were devastated by a pair of bombs that exploded near the finish line.

By USA Today,

ERITREAN American Meb Keflezighi won the Boston Marathon 2014 men’s title on a day that was marked by remembrances of the bombings one year ago.

He held off Wilson Chebet of Kenya at the finish to win in a time of 2:08.37.

Keflezighi, who will turn 39 next month, was cheered by massive crowds from Hopkinton to Boylston Street wearing a red and white top and blue shorts. He’s the first American man to win in Boston since Greg A. Meyer in 2:09:00 in 1983, four years before Keflezighi immigrated to the U.S.  Continue reading Eritrean-American Meb Keflezighi Wins Boston Marathon

Olympian Meb Feared Feds Eyed him after Mrathon Blast

Olympian Keflezighi says he felt Logan security was suspicious of him after marathon bomb

By Melanie Eversley,

Olympic marathoner Meb Keflezighi says he had some tense moments earlier this year in the wake of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings.

During a lunch in Central Park Friday, Keflezighi, 38, pointed out that initial reports after the blasts that killed three indicated one of the suspects might be a “dark-skinned male” and may or may not speak with an accent. Keflezighi is from Eritrea, in Africa, and speaks with an accent.

Keflezighi, who now lives in San Diego, widened his eyes as he stressed “African American with an accent” as if to say, “Look at me.” Continue reading Olympian Meb Feared Feds Eyed him after Mrathon Blast

Meb Keflezighi Named RRCA Male Runner of the Year

Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) honored Eritrean-American Marathon runner Meb Kiflezghi as Male Road Runner of the Year

By Running Journal,

Meb Keflezighi, American Olympian, was the featured speaker at the luncheon meeting Saturday, May 4, in Alburquerque, New Mexico, at the annual meeting of the Road Runners Club of America and was honored as the RRCA’s Open Male Road Runner of the Year.

It was also Meb’s birthday and he was greeted with a rousing singing of “Happy Birthday” by delegates representing running clubs across America.

Keflezighi has had a remarkable running career, winning a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics despite being ranked 39th of the 200 best marathoners in the world. Seventy days later he finished second in the New York City Marathon. Continue reading Meb Keflezighi Named RRCA Male Runner of the Year