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Rise of An Auspicious Eritrea at the 28th

Independence Day is the greatest and most highly celebrated national holiday in Eritrea.


Lights illuminating the city’s boulevard, flags waving on top of buildings, posters of the nine ethnic groups shining on every angle of the city, families and friends walking side by side on the streets … are familiar to any Eritrean who has attended the celebration of our independence in the past. But this year, all of these are placed under a different light; the light that we as Eritreans are finally seeing at the end of what has been a long and harsh tunnel. Continue reading Rise of An Auspicious Eritrea at the 28th

Secretary John Kerry Congratulate Eritrea on National Day

Happy Independence Anniversary

By U.S. Department of State,

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
May 27, 2014

On behalf of the American people, I welcome the opportunity to send my warmest wishes to the people of Eritrea on the 23rd anniversary of your independence which took place May 24.

Know that the government and people of the United States stand beside you in your continued search for the promise of a free, prosperous, and democratic Eritrea.  Continue reading Secretary John Kerry Congratulate Eritrea on National Day

The Constitution Brouhaha

The Eritrean Treason Mafias, Unionists and Detractors do not know what hit them on May 24

By Hillal,

IT was a political Tsunami and earthquake. The Eritrean constitution drafting process is about to begin. President Isaias made this announcement during his independence day anniversary celebration speech.

The Eritrean ‘Treason Mafia’ and the enemies and detractors of Eritrea were blindsided and have no idea how to respond to it. They are on Prozac for their depression and a 40 day mourning because the constitution was their swan song.

The US constitution is viewed by most Americans as a divine document given to them by God like the Ten Commandments, Yet, the UK, Israel and New Zealand don’t have written constitutions and still have stable governments.  Continue reading The Constitution Brouhaha

President Afwerki’s 23rd Independence Anniversary Speech

President delivering speech at the 23rd Independence Anniversary

By President Isaias Afwerki,

Dear Compatriots inside the country and abroad
Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me first express my warmest congratulations to the entire people of Eritrea and to our friends and partners on this auspicious occasion of the 23rd anniversary of our liberation and sovereignty. Let me, likewise, express profound gratitude to the Holidays Coordinating Committee, to members of the Armed Forces,the national associations of students and youth, community organizations, artists and creative personalities, cultural groups and friendly peoples for the inspiring spectacles and shows that they have organized in different parts of our country as well as the world at large to glorify this day.  Continue reading President Afwerki’s 23rd Independence Anniversary Speech

Celebrating Eritrea at 23

Every Eritrean knows and understands how the country became a reality … and that’s why we celebrated it with zeal and passion

Eritrea @23

By Bereket Kidane,

THIS month will mark Eritrea’s 23rd birthday! Glad to see Eritrean communities around the world have started planning their Independence Day parties. For most countries, the 23rd birthday elicits a shrug of the shoulders. Not in Eritrea’s case.

Taking Eritrea’s remarkable history into account, each birthday is a cause for celebration – and admiration. Its birth in the first place was a miracle and a result of the long and heroic armed struggle waged against all odds.

What makes this year’s Independence Day celebration particularly exciting for the diaspora communities is that May 24 falls on Saturday. Continue reading Celebrating Eritrea at 23

Independence and Martyrs Days: Sacred and Historical

Our Back-to-Back months of Celebration and Commemoration

By TesfaNews,

For all peoples, nations and countries, Independence and Martyrs’ (Memorial) Days are historical, unique, important, and sacred days.

They are devoid of any political, religious and ethnic affiliation. They are not and can not be designated to any group or government. They are fully owned by the people. Democracy or not democracy, hot or cold, rain or sunshine and regardless of who is in power or what kind of political system the government of the day follows, Independence and Martyrs’ Days will be celebrated and remembered every year for eternity.  Continue reading Independence and Martyrs Days: Sacred and Historical

Eritrea at 22, Demonstration of United Strength

“Eritreans must realize how powerful that you are” – YG

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

Trying to sum up Eritrea’s 22nd Independence weekend, all the events, activities, festivities and emotions in one word or in a simple statement is quite a task. It is surreal and hard to believe, see or, imagine the collective joy Eritreans experienced during the action packed weekend of celebrations.

For decades, Eritreans in the Diaspora have established activities that can bring-them the feel of home wherever they are. The Independence Day celebrations accentuate that feeling tenfold because Eritrean Independence is the result of long struggle, sacrifices and collective experiences expressed joyfully and colorfully. Continue reading Eritrea at 22, Demonstration of United Strength

President Afwerki’s 22nd Independence Anniversary Speech

President addressing on the Occasion of 22nd Independence Day Anniversary

By Shabait,

The Eritrean people at home and abroad

Dear guests and participants

First, I would like to congratulate the Eritrean people and friends on the occasion of the 22nd Independence Day anniversary and that of the 20th since the nation’s accession to sovereignty. And I commend those who made major contribution in organizing this auspicious event, namely the National Holidays Coordinating Committee, students, youths and EDF members.  Continue reading President Afwerki’s 22nd Independence Anniversary Speech