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President Issias Aferwerki vs Al Jazeera’s 2010 Interview

It's time to recall that stupid interview Ms Jane Dutton conducts with President Isaias
In 2010, Al Jazeera’s ‘insane’ journalist Jane Dutton conducts one ‘lazy’ interview with President Afwerki, based entirely on fabricated reports. Everything she accuses him of at that time are now proven to be nonexistent. She must have abused her stupidity beyond limit.


This transcript is from an interview done by Eritrean President Issias Afwerki and Al Jazeera “journalist” Jane Dutton in February 20, 2010, shortly after the UN Security Council passed punitive sanctions against Eritrea based on what has now been proven to be fabrications. Continue reading President Issias Aferwerki vs Al Jazeera’s 2010 Interview

Statement from the Embassy of the State of Eritrea in UK

Our condolences to the bereaved family on their loss. (Photo: Archive)

The Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the United Kingdom and Ireland is saddened by the unfortunate event that took the life of two members of the National Service and eleven injured in Asmara last Sunday.

At a time of this regrettable incident, the Embassy is saddened by the crocodile tears and unsubstantiated conspiracies by an undignified few attempting to exploit and politicize this poignant occurrence. Those individuals have resorted to deliberately attempting to misinform the public and cause mayhem to promote their political and personal agendas. Continue reading Statement from the Embassy of the State of Eritrea in UK

The Misplacing of Eritrean Refugees Status on the Political System of a Sovereign Asmara

Sophisticated disinformation creates only a false “reality”!

By Beaton Galafa,

I have heard stories too good for Eritrea. I was once told by a friend that this demonized country is not as exactly as what we are told out here. At first, I never gave it a serious thought. Then, after recalling my ears’ and eyes’ loyal service to the only news sites that are readily available to us, I noticed something. The friend said Eritrea is one such country where the system makes it hard for ministers to live a life above everyone else’s just on ministerial perks. He said the country has strict disciplinarians in policy making positions. Continue reading The Misplacing of Eritrean Refugees Status on the Political System of a Sovereign Asmara

Eritrea: Information is Ammunition

The first casualty of a propaganda war is the Truth. In today’s politicized media landscape, it is not far-fetched to imagine that information is in fact used as ammunition against targeted states, and not necessarily to inform the public or tell the truth. It does not matter that the information being disseminated is categorically false, as long as it serves its purpose.

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

Christopher John Fox in his 1983 book, “INFORMATION AND MISINFORMATION – An Investigation of the Notions of Information, Misinformation, Informing, and Misinforming” wrote the following about “information”:

“… Information seems to be everywhere. We talk of its being encoded in the genes, so it must be carried in every living cell of every living thing. We say that it is disseminated by media of communication, so it must be transmitted around the world by wire, microwave, laser light, and radio wave, broadcast by television and radio, and printed in newspapers, magazines, journals, and so on. We say that information is exchanged in conversation, so it must be present in billions of the utterances occurring every day. Information is also said to be contained in all sorts of things, including books, letters, telegrams, films, tapes, computers, and minds… Libraries are overflowing with it, institutions are bogged down by it, and people are over- loaded with it… Information, then, is as ubiquitous as air, or heat, or water. But it differs from these latter things in having a far more mysterious nature. For although we can say quite exactly what air, heat, and water are, no one seems to know exactly what information is… ”  Continue reading Eritrea: Information is Ammunition

Eritrea at 24: Proving All Naysayers Wrong

AGAINST ALL ODDS. “Thirty years ago most observers doubted that Eritrea would even win its war for independence. Who is to say that Eritrea will not again surprise [the naysayers] as it seeks to liberate itself from poverty?” – FT
By Dawit Gebremichael Habte,

ERITREA is good in proving naysayers wrong. The list of naysayers and their prophecy of doom is long but it suffices to quote a couple from history.

Stephen Longrigg, the notorious Chief British Military Administrator of Eritrea (1942-1944), concluded his book on the “history” of Eritrea with these words: Continue reading Eritrea at 24: Proving All Naysayers Wrong

Eritrea’s Independence is Revered

The sacrifice we paid for our independence is unsullied and deeply felt. The cause was to be free from domination, subjugation, slavery and abusive exploitation. Indeed, our Independence is revered.

By Ibrahim A. Ibrahim,

THE independence of Eritrea is a result of ultimate sacrifices paid by the gallant citizens without any reservation. People paid what they own. Their life was given for the sake of the future of the nation and future generations. Within the country and in the Diasporas people did all what they can do to support the revered fight for independence and freedom.  Continue reading Eritrea’s Independence is Revered