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In Djibouti, Life Moves to the Beat of Khat

Djiboutians spend far much time idly chewing khat in a hypnotic daze. Djibouti khat chewing and addiction,
Khat (qat) is a highly addictive stimulant originating from Ethiopia. It’s the 4th largest export for that country and Djibouti is one of the heavy consumers. Almost all Djiboutians including the President and his entire cabinet are addicted to this drug. They spend far much time idly chewing it in a hypnotic daze. It’s been land locked Ethiopia’s most effective leverage against Djibouti. A momentary freeze on supply can bring the government down. Simply put, Djiboutians can’t breeze with out Khat.

By Josh Wood,

ACROSS the world, the rhythm of the day is determined by different things: the nine-to-five grind of financial hubs, the intervention of the afternoon siesta in some hotter reaches and the cycle of prayers in parts of the Islamic world.

Djibouti moves to a different cadence. Djibouti moves to khat (aka Qat).

In this sweltering Horn of Africa country where seemingly nothing is on time or precise, khat – a flowering plant chewed as an amphetamine-like stimulant in east Africa and Yemen – is the exception. Continue reading In Djibouti, Life Moves to the Beat of Khat