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PM Desalegn Asks President Guelleh to Calm Issa Leader

ARDUF asks the Ethiopian Federal authorities to dismantle all illegally constructed settlements in the Afar Region immediately and unconditionally if not risk the security of Addis Ababa – Djibouti corridor.

By African Intelligence,

The traditional Issa elder Moustapha Mohamed Ibrahim, based in Dire Dawa, has drawn the wrath of Addis Ababa.

The creation of three kebele (small administrative entities) administered by the Issa within the Afar Regional State is a cause of ongoing concern for the Ethiopian authorities.

During his official visit to Djibouti on 7 February, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn asked Djibouti President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh (Issa) to intervene with the Ethiopian Issa.

He wants Ismaïl Omar Guelleh to persuade them to accept the federal arbitration decision ordering the Somali Regional State to hand the three localities situated on the Addis Ababa-Djibouti highway back to the Afar Regional State. Continue reading PM Desalegn Asks President Guelleh to Calm Issa Leader

Somali-Issa Deal to Occupy Afar Territories a Recipe for Conflict

Ethiopia’s intention behind the unprovoked aggression and territorial expansion of the Issa-Somalis into the heartland Afar is deeply suspicious.

By Afar Diaspora Network (ADN),

THE Afar Diaspora Network (ADN) has called an urgent Extraordinary Meeting to discuss the implications of the recent agreement signed on 11 December 2014, between the Afar and Somali regions at Awash City of the Afar region legalizing the creation of three Special Self-Ruling Sub-Districts or Wards Status of Somali-Issa occupied Afar territories. After deliberating on this development thoroughly ADN passed the following resolution:

Afar Diaspora Network (ADN) representing all Afar Diaspora Organizations around the world condemns and rejects the agreement signed between the Afar and Somali Regions indorsed by the Ethiopian Federal Government which legalizes the occupation of three Afar territories namely, Adaytu, Unda Foou and Gadamaytu. Continue reading Somali-Issa Deal to Occupy Afar Territories a Recipe for Conflict

ETHIOPIA: Deepening Crisis Between the Afar and Issa

The Afar-Issa Crisis in the Afar kilil is the next ticking ethnic time bomb in Ethiopia

By Tedla Asfa,

I AM one of those who is closely following the current crisis between Afar and Issa in Ethiopia. I personally know that part of Ethiopia in 1980s. At Gewane, I witnessed loss of lives due to fighting/raids by Afar and Issa. It was a fight for grazing area and water source then.

The recent VOA Amharic program debating two “educated” Ethiopians from both ethnic groups however was an alarm for me. It is now a war to take land at the expense of the other for future autonomy or independence. It is a war to change the fact on the ground which stayed for at least one hundred years to a new reality for future independence if the current arrangement of ethnic federation falters some how. Continue reading ETHIOPIA: Deepening Crisis Between the Afar and Issa