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2015 in Review: Demystifying Human Rights

Human Rights in Eritrea
In this piece of “2015 in Review” series, we consider Eritrean human rights within the backdrop of the attrition war and attempts to isolate Eritrea, assessing the meaning of seminal events and forecasting the road ahead.

By Simon Keleta,

In June 2015, Eritreans around the world read with astonishment that the Eritrean state was accused of slavery, rape, and crimes against humanity.

Eritreans are the longtime witnesses and victims of some of the modern world’s worst atrocities. During the liberation struggle and the 1998-2000 war with Ethiopia, Eritreans were the victims of unrelenting, genocidal scorched-earth policies compounded by barbaric military campaigns that saw little international outcry from “human rights defenders”.

For this reason, Eritreans do not take lightly loaded words and phrases like “slavery,” “rape,” and “crimes against humanity” being thrown around with reckless abandon. Continue reading 2015 in Review: Demystifying Human Rights