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Eritrea: Transforming Arid Zones into Wetlands

Government so far built 9 strategic, 3 fairly big, 1 underground, and 747 micro dams, nationwide besides the 7 diversion schemes.


It is quite breathtaking to see human-made lakes in areas that were once arid and dramatic change in the ecosystem and the lifestyle of people who live in such areas. The development endeavors have triggered a chain of transformations in infrastructure, which are obvious in the Gash-Barka region. Continue reading Eritrea: Transforming Arid Zones into Wetlands

Eritrea: World Food Day 2020

The Eritrean government’s strenuous efforts to rationally exploit the country’s agricultural potential to ensure food and nutrition security is paying off.


This year’s World Food Day theme is “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together.” All our past records indicate that every year has its own challenges and opportunities. We are amid of COVID-19 pandemic. However, we should not be victims of this situation. In fact, we should redouble our efforts to offset the gaps created by the existing situation. Continue reading Eritrea: World Food Day 2020

Logo Dam is Just the Beginning

The Logo dam project at Adi Halo is not just about a dam or conserving water. It was built to serve as a pilot project that functions as a center of a multifaceted development project by utilizing both land and water resources.


As global warming keeps threatening the inhabitants of our planet, Eritreans have been working hard on their piece of earth to fight desertification, erosion, and the scarcity of water. In Eritrea, “every drop of water must be saved and stored at all costs”; they even made that their slogan associated with projects related to water and food security, the provision of social services, and industrialization. Continue reading Logo Dam is Just the Beginning

Gahtelai Dam Project 95 percent Complete

Gahtelay Dam is the 3rd largest dam in the country and expected to hold 50 million meters cube of water. The dam is built on a foundation that goes down as deep as 25 meters, with 1.5 km in length and 42 meters in height.


According to Mr. Daniel Mebrahtu, coordinator of the project, the construction of Gahtelay Dam that began in 2016 by Gedem Construction Company has been 95 percent complete. Continue reading Gahtelai Dam Project 95 percent Complete

Eritrea: Securing Availability of Water for Good


Life without water is unimaginable. It is sad that in today’s world 2.1 billion people live without safe drinking water at home. This affects their health, education, and livelihoods. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 commits the world to ensure that everyone has access to safe water by 2030, and includes targets for protecting the natural environment and reducing pollution. Continue reading Eritrea: Securing Availability of Water for Good

BanaTom Strives to Satisfy Local Market

Eritrea’s substantive investment in water pay off: Dams  ⇆ Irrigation farming  ⇆ Jobs  ⇆ Agro Processing industry  ⇆ Economy


The general manager of BANATOM, the Banana juice, Tomato paste processing factory, Lt. Col Tekie Woldu, said the factory is exerting strong effort to satisfy the local market.

Indicating that the factory receives daily 5,000 quintals of organic tomatoes from the agricultural projects of Adi-Omar, Fanco-Tsimu, Gerset and Molever for processing, Lt. Col. Tekie said that the factory has created employment opportunity for the residents in the area. Continue reading BanaTom Strives to Satisfy Local Market