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President Isaias Receives Credentials of 29 Ambassadors

Broad range of Issues of bilateral cooperation discussed during submission of credentials


President Isaias Afwerki received at the Denden Guest House the credentials of 29 Ambassadors. The resident and non-resident Ambassadors that submitted their credentials are: Continue reading President Isaias Receives Credentials of 29 Ambassadors

India Calls for Promoting Human Rights Through Consensus, Impartiality

“Special Rapporteurs have to be truly independent, act with sensitivity and their recommendations should be specific, constructive and be relevant to the country and not ideologically driven. [They shouldn’t also make] … ‘sweeping generalisations’ [in their report] nor overstepping their mandates as that would not further the cause of human rights.” – Indian Ambassador to the UN, Asoke Kumar Mukerji
By Arul Louis,

INDIA has called for focusing UN human rights endeavours on advocacy and consensus building, while eschewing ideologically-driven pronouncements and striving for impartiality.

Indian Ambassador Asoke Kumar Mukerji told the UN General Assembly (UNGA) Monday:

“The focus should be on advocacy and consensus building through promotion of better understanding of human rights issues” while ensuring “full respect for the sovereign equality, territorial integrity, and political independence of all UN member-states”.

He was speaking at the UNGA discussion on the report of the Human Rights Council (HRC), to which India was elected to a second term last month polling the highest number of votes for an Asian region state.  Continue reading India Calls for Promoting Human Rights Through Consensus, Impartiality

Karuturi Debacle Prompts Ethiopia to Review Land Policy

We were grabbing the land in a rush, now we’re leaving it in a rush too
By Aman Sethi,

In 2008, Karuturi Global made international headlines when it leased 300,000 hectares (ha) of land in southern Ethiopia with the stated aim of becoming the world’s largest food producer.

Five years on, the slow progress of Karuturi and similar projects has prompted the Ethiopian government to reassess its policy of leasing vast tracts of land to single investors.

I have to be frank, they didn’t meet our expectations,” said Minister of Agriculture Continue reading Karuturi Debacle Prompts Ethiopia to Review Land Policy

How Bad is Eritrea?

“Eritrea has become a threat – ‘a threat of a good example, ‘a beacon of hope in a continent that filled with misery and despair, and where Africans, despite their abundant resources, have been relegated to live on handouts from the generous west” – Sophia Tesfamariam

Corruption and greed along with economic programs prescribed by self-serving external forces have forced most Africans to live on handouts

By Merhawi,

Two decades ago, as Eritrea’s decades long war for independence was nearing its close, Thomas Keneally, the noted Australian novelist wrote about Eritrea, “you are a threat of a good example!” Have Eritrea’s efforts reversed so sharply?

Everyone has heard of Eritrea’s neighbors – Sudan and Ethiopia. Sudan is now as fractured as the former Yugoslavia, worse still war looms between the recently divorced North and South over territory and oil.

Ethiopia, by who Eritrea was occupied for thirty years, is still struggling to feed its population, and worse yet our generous aid has paid for its military adventures in Somalia and ethnic cleansing on its eastern frontier. Continue reading How Bad is Eritrea?