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An ill-Advised and Uninformed Hearing on Eritrea

Demonizing and victimizing Eritrea in an attempt to take world attention away from the mass killings and flagrant human rights violations now being committed against innocent Ethiopians by the minority regime doesn’t help maintain security in this troubled region.

By Organization of Eritrean Americans (OEA),

A hearing on Eritrea scheduled by the House subcommittee on Africa for Wednesday, September 14, 2016, titled “Eritrea: A Neglected Regional Threat,” is ill-advised and seems to reflect complete lack of knowledge of the reality in the Horn of Africa region.

The hearing does not augur well for the US Congress to dwell on Eritrea and a non-existent threat, while ignoring the real regional threat that is in Ethiopia. This diversion will only embolden the regime in Ethiopia and allow it to continue with its belligerent stance against Eritrea and its people. Continue reading An ill-Advised and Uninformed Hearing on Eritrea