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The State of U.S.- Eritrea Relations

U.S. openly rejected multiple calls to improve ties
US hostility, not Eritrean rigidity responsible for sour relations. The Obama Administration openly rejected multiple calls since early 2009 to improve ties.

By U.S. State Department,

THE United States established diplomatic relations with Eritrea in 1993, following its independence and separation from Ethiopia.

The United States supported Eritrea’s independence, but ongoing government detention of political dissidents and others, the closure of the independent press, limits on civil liberties and Eritrea’s failure to accept a proposed U.S. Ambassador has strained U.S.-Eritrean relations.

Eritrea’s authoritarian regime is controlled entirely by the president, who heads the sole political party, which has ruled the country since 1991. National elections have not taken place since 1991.  Continue reading The State of U.S.- Eritrea Relations

Time for a Thorough Policy Review to Normalize U.S. – Eritrea Relations

US Hostility, Not Eritrean Rigidity, Responsible For Sour Relations

Eritrea reiterates its readiness to normalize its ties with the U.S. and called for a thorough review of past and present policies

By Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

United States Diplomat and Former Ambassador to Nigeria and South Africa, Princeton Lyman, recently wrote a piece blaming Eritrea for the lack in progress in relations with the United States. By choosing to remain silent about the many, well-documented wrong-doings of the United States (and Ethiopia) in regard to Eritrea and the region, he also tries to absolve them of any responsibility.

The ill-thought policies of US administration officials, that have caused tragic consequences for the region, started during the unnecessary war between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 1998-2000. At that time US officials, who had been invited by both sides to facilitate a peaceful settlement, decided to take sides, convinced as they were that saving the regime of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister at all costs was their number one priority. Continue reading Time for a Thorough Policy Review to Normalize U.S. – Eritrea Relations

As Eritrea Turns 22

Eritreans will Never-Kneel-Down!

By Bereket Kidane,

As Eritrea prepares to celebrate its 22nd birthday, Eritreans around the world will reflect on how far it has come in such a short time.

For many countries, a 22nd birthday is not a big deal and generally doesn’t generate much excitement. But if the country happens to be Eritrea, it’s another story.

Eritrea has the unfortunate reality of being the only nation whose nation building efforts and sovereignty are continuously challenged by the big powers. Continue reading As Eritrea Turns 22