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Egypt Approves Construction of 3 Electric Power Plants to Eritrea

The Egyptian government decided to build three electricity power plants in Eritrea
As a sign of growing ties with Eritrea, the Egyptian government approved the construction of three electricity generating stations in Eritrea at the cost of $7 million.


The Egyptian cabinet approved on Wednesday to task the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) and the National Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) to establish three electricity generation plants in Eritrea. Continue reading Egypt Approves Construction of 3 Electric Power Plants to Eritrea

Hirgigo Power Plant Resumes 24-hr Power Supply

The plant starts providing uninterrupted electric power supply after undergoing plant expansion program worth $98.6m.

Sporadic power supply is now a thing of the past. The current output capacity has been upgraded from 84 MW to 132 MW.


A project worth 98.6 million Dollars has been implemented to augment the electric power supply by 60%.

The project that was implemented by the Chinese SFECO Company will upgrade the electric power supply by 46 mega watts. Continue reading Hirgigo Power Plant Resumes 24-hr Power Supply

SFECO Commissions Hirgigo Power Plant

(Reads) – Congratulations to Success of 12K60MC-S Diesel Engine Factory Test for Eritrea Hirgigo 2x23MW Power Plant


After a year-long extension and construction programs, the Shanghai Corporation for Foreign Economic and Technological Cooperation (SFECO)  commissioned the Hirgigo thermal power plant last week.

The plant was under an extensive 2 * 23MW power plant expansion program since the beginning of last year that is aimed at upgrading its current output capacity from 84 MW to 132 MW. Continue reading SFECO Commissions Hirgigo Power Plant

Chinese Firm Restores Hirgigo Sea Water Desalination Plant

Water quality and output at the Hirgigo Desalination plant restored to 10 tons/hr from 1.4 tons/hr after cleaning operation made by Shanghai Bluestar Cleaning Company.

By China National BlueStar,

SHANGHAI Bluestar Cleaning Company has recently finished cleaning the sea water desalination plant at Hirgigo power station of Eritrea’s national power company.

In its first overseas project, the contract for the cleaning project for Hirgigo sea water desalination plant in Eritrea was signed in March 2014, with a value of RMB 800,000 (USD 130,000) for the first phase.  Continue reading Chinese Firm Restores Hirgigo Sea Water Desalination Plant

Power Outage to End in Eritrea

Hirgigo Power Plant in Massawa to go fully operational following a year long extension program

By TesfaNews,

The end of sporadic power supply in Eritrea is on the horizon as the extension and construction programs at the Hirgigo thermal power plant is almost complete.

According to African Energy Intelligence sources, Hirgigo power plant will go fully operational later this year.

The country have seen multiple power cuts in the last couple of years mainly due to shortfalls in the supply.  The current output at Hirgigo, the biggest plant in the country, and that of Belaza (17MW) accounts for 90% of all supply in Eritrea; and together lose 18% of the power they generate.  Continue reading Power Outage to End in Eritrea

Eritrea Expands Electrical Network

Two MAN B&W 12K60MC-S, two-stroke, low-Speed Diesel Engines, with a potential of producing up to 48MW Power are heading to Eritrea. When commissioned, the two engines alone will cover 73% of Eritrea’s total power needs.


QINGDAHAIXI Marine Diesel Co., Ltd. (QMD) and EPC contractor Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute recently signed a contract to supply Eritrea with two MAN B&W 12K60MC-S low-speed engines that will run on liquid fuel.

The engines will play a key part in the expansion of the Hirgigo power plant, located 5 km southwest of Massawa, the major city on the Red Sea coast. Shanghai Electric will manufacture the generators for the engines, which are being produced for the Eritrean Electric Corporation (EEC).

The EEC has chosen the latest mark of the K60MC-S engine type and the two units will provide a joint mechanical output of 47.52 MW at 150 rpm. The engines will comply with the NOx emission limit of the World Bank’s 2008 regulation, i.e. 1850 mg/Nm3 at 15% O2 dry. Continue reading Eritrea Expands Electrical Network