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Eritrean Diaspora: Of What We Should Not Be Afraid

Ghezae Hagos traitor
Ghezae Hagos of Winnipeg, Canada. A lead traitor who dares to cross the red line by calling Eritreans, Eritrean independent fighters and martyrs as TERRORISTS!

By Mebrahtu Asfaha,

The Eritrean traitors will be, as in Dante’s Inferno, companions of those who betray their families or country and are destined for the Nine Circle of Hell, where Judas, Cassius, and Brutes are the traitor’s bunkmates.

I hear an enemy making unsubstantiated accusation against those who have fought to liberate the country and have sacrificed their lives. I hear an enemy calling our martyrs terrorists.

Although their accusation is brutum fulmen i.e. an empty threat, and in a legalistic term, we can characterize it as a judgment at law, which has no practical effect because its legal conceptual framework is, fundamentally, based ab absurdo. Continue reading Eritrean Diaspora: Of What We Should Not Be Afraid