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Saudi Coalition Forces Capture Hanish Island

Yemeni loyalists captured a strategic Red Sea island hanish islands
The Popular Resistance, supported by coalition troops, air and naval forces, took control of the Greater Hanish Island, from troops loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh who is now on sides of the Iran backed Houthi rebels. The island was reportedly used to store and smuggle weapons into Yemen.

By Aljazeera,

Saudi-led forces battling Houthi fighters in Yemen have taken control of the Hanish Islands in the Red Sea, coalition sources say.

The group of islands was used by the Houthis to store and smuggle weapons into Yemen, the alliance and local fishermen said.

The coalition said its forces “cleansed Greater Hanish”, the biggest island in the archipelago in the Red Sea’s main shipping lanes, according to Saudi state television. Continue reading Saudi Coalition Forces Capture Hanish Island

Eritrea and Yemen Target New Diplomatic Approach

Eritrea continuesly arrest illegal Yemeni fishermen in its waters. Yemen alleges although Eritrea released 135 fishermen in January and 154 back in May, it still kept 863 fishing boats since 2006 leaving returning fishermen in a poor financial state.

By Geeska Afrika,

THE Yemeni Deputy Foreign Minister Amir al-Aidaros this week received a copy of credentials of the new Eritrean ambassador to the country Ambassador Mohammed Sheikh Abdul Jalil.

The announcement came as a relief to a country on edge and worried about how the Fishing boats and territorial water issues would resolve itself.

During the diplomats meeting in Sanaa, both diplomats reviewed the bilateral cooperation and relations between the two neighbouring countries.

The Yemeni deputy foreign minister stressed that the foreign Ministry will provide all diplomatic support and cooperation to facilitate his diplomatic mission in the country.  Continue reading Eritrea and Yemen Target New Diplomatic Approach