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Haile Menkerios Appointed as the New UN Envoy to AU

The run away Eritrean diplomat, Haile Menkorios, is now calling himself a South African after abandoning everything Eritrean but his name. 

If not sick, this diplomat needs to be watched with a prism of traitors and Criminals
If not sick, this diplomat needs to be watched  through the prisms of traitors and Criminals

By AP,

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed veteran diplomat Haile Menkerios as the new U.N. representative to the African Union.

U.N. deputy spokesman Eduardo del Buey said Friday that Menkerios will also continue his current assignment as the secretary-general’s special envoy for Sudan and South Sudan. He will have the rank of undersecretary-general.

Menkerios, a longtime Eritrean diplomat who is now a South African citizen, will replace Zachary Muburi-Muita of Kenya who completes his assignment on June 30.

Del Buey said Menkerios brings to his new position extensive experience in African issues Continue reading Haile Menkerios Appointed as the New UN Envoy to AU

United Nations on the Brink

“There is no United Nations… but an international community that can be led by the only super power, and that’s the United States” – Ambassador John Bolton

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

The history of the UN is one of corruption and infectiveness. During the Cold War, the US and the Soviet Union had competing global agendas and interests. As a result the UN was irrelevant, unable to pursue its stated purpose because it lacked the mandate, leadership, funding and principled organizational structure worthy to lead the billions of people inhabiting the earth.

Until 1993, the prevailing opinion in the US was that the “UN is corrupt”. Secretary General Kofi Anan was maligned, portrayed as inept and ineffective. The Rwanda Genocide of 1994 magnified that perception rightfully. Many called for his resignation then. In fact, many in the US wanted out of the UN altogether until it became clear that the UN was a great vehicle to forward US agendas.  Continue reading United Nations on the Brink