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Eritrean News Agency Requests Al-Jazeera to Rectify its Biased Stance

Al Jazeera’s skewed and biased reporting on Eritrea need to be rectified
Losing credibility everywhere. We had repeatedly urged Al Jazeera to refrain from biased and skewed reporting on Eritrea. But our request continues to be ignored.


Dear Mr. Al Anstey, CEO of Al Jazeera Media Network


I refer to a derogatory article: “Eritrea: Anecdotes of indefinite anarchy” that was posted in Al Jazeera’s  website on Thursday (July 6) last week.  The article in question essentially dwells on a barrage of vitriol against Eritrea by a notorious author who routinely engages in a smear campaign against the country. Continue reading Eritrean News Agency Requests Al-Jazeera to Rectify its Biased Stance

Ethiopian Activist Guilty of Terrorism for Facebook Posts

The Ethiopian kangaroo court today announced opposition politician Yonatan Tesfaye guilty of encouraging terrorism for comments he made on Facebook.


A judge in Ethiopia’s capital on Tuesday found a former opposition spokesman guilty of encouraging terrorism with a series of anti-government Facebook posts.

Yonatan Tesfaye was arrested in December 2015 after writing on the social media platform that the government had used “force against the people instead of using peaceful discussion with the public.” Continue reading Ethiopian Activist Guilty of Terrorism for Facebook Posts

Eritrea – Sweden: A Call to Action

The debate in Sweden has long revolved around whether the ”quiet diplomacy” works in foreign relations, or if Sweden needs to put its foot down. The journalist Martin Schibbye, who recently spent some time in Eritrea, believes that the issue of Dawit Isaak’s freedom is too important to just leave in the hands of politicians. Here he shares some tips on what you can do for Dawit Isaak right now.

Sweden’s relationship with Eritrea is too important to be left in the hands of certain opportunistic politicians. Focus should be on getting an Eritrean-Swedish citizen out of prison—not fighting or humiliating Eritrea.

By Martin Schibbye | for Blank Spot Project,

September 23 marks 15 years of Dawit Isaak’s imprisonment and the discussion about the best strategy to gain his freedom has raged ever since his arrest. (Eritrean-born Isaak became a Swedish citizen in 1992, but returned to his native country, where he started a newspaper in the late 1990s.) I was in Eritrea recently, lucky enough to be awarded the rarity of a journalism visa in order to write three long stories. I was there to record Eritrea’s journey from the euphoria after independence in 1991, until reality ripped the pen out of Dawit’s hands and many other journalists like him in 2001. Continue reading Eritrea – Sweden: A Call to Action

State Department Urges Ethiopia to Release those Jailed for Exercising their Rights

The U.S. State Department urges Ethiopia to discontinue its use of its Anti-Terrorism Proclamation law to Prosecute Journalists, Opposition members and Activists and free those who detained for exercising their constitutional rights.

By John Kirby | Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson,

The United States is deeply concerned by the Government of Ethiopia’s recent decision to file terrorism charges against Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) First Vice-Chairman Bekele Gerba and others in the Oromia region who were arrested in late 2015. Continue reading State Department Urges Ethiopia to Release those Jailed for Exercising their Rights

The State of Higher Education Students in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia today, Education is indoctrination; feeding the youth with a propaganda diet rich in misinformation, worn out slogans and sterile dogmas from a bygone era.

By Zelalem Abate,

Academic activities such as studying, teaching, inventing, leading, administrating and other responsibilities in a university or college require at a minimum academic freedom. Unfortunately, however, academic freedom in higher education institutions of Ethiopia is drier than the Sahara desert.

Ethiopians who have been part of these institutions as a student, teacher, or any other workers have been grilled by this desert. Although, no one can tell better than we, the victims of this inferno; national and international human rights organizations have documented the absence of freedom of expression, association, and assembly in the colleges and Universities of Ethiopia [1].  Continue reading The State of Higher Education Students in Ethiopia

Dawit Isaak Children Criticize ‘Free Dawit’ Campaign

Dawit Isaak campaign has been hijacked into a stormy political issue not for the purpose of his release but for the benefit of its handlers: His Family

By Rebecca Martin,

The children of Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak, jailed in Eritrea since 2001, think that it is the massive Free Dawit campaign that has made the release of their father impossible.

“We want everyone to know that we are not a part of the campaign and never will be. They pretend we are a great big happy family, but that is far from the truth,” said Isaak’s 18-year-old daughter Bethlehem to daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD).

According to Isaak’s wife Sofia and children Bethlehem and Yorun, the’Free Dawit Isaak’ campaign is the reason Isaak is still behind bars. Because his case has been politicized, his release is now impossible, the family told the paper.

“We can’t sit in Sweden and dictate how Eritrea should be governed. It has just made my father’s situation worse,” said Bethlehem to SvD. Continue reading Dawit Isaak Children Criticize ‘Free Dawit’ Campaign