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Eritrea Playing Exemplary Role in Combating FGM: UNICEF

In 1995, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practice in Eritrea was around 95%. In 2014, the practice reduced significantly to 4.3% for children aged under 15 and to 2.5% for children under 5 years of age.

By Shabait,

Eritrea is playing an exemplary role in eradicating FGM and that harmful practices will no more exist in the country in the near future, according to Ms. Rania Zakie, Representative of the UNICEF in Eritrea.

Speaking on the occasion of declaring a free-FGM zone in Asmat and Habero subzones, Ms. Rania underlined that the occasion is a vivid demonstration of Eritrea’s commitment as well as active engagement and collaboration of the society, government institutions and national associations in taking concrete actions towards combating FGM in the country. Continue reading Eritrea Playing Exemplary Role in Combating FGM: UNICEF

World Reggae Star ‘Tiken Jah Fakoly’ Rocks Asmara

Africa is not what they show us on their TV, if you want to know about Africa, come and visit Eritrea” Tiken Jah Fakoly

The world renowned Reggae star from Côte d'Ivoire Tiken Jah Fakoly is in Asmara to campaign No-to-FGM

By EritreaCompass,

The past weekend has just gone away never to return, Asmara’s population just as the rest of the world has just begun their week starting Monday. After a busy day of work at 06:30pm a campaign to stop Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) kicked off at the stylish yet classic Cinema Roma with the worlds famous Reggae Super Star Tiken Jah Fakoly and his full band.

Organising the event, Peoples Front for Democracy & Justice (PFDJ) Cultural Affairs , National Union of Eritrean Youth & Students (NUEYS) , in collaboration with Alliance Francaise d’Asmara have one particular aim in common: NO TO FGMContinue reading World Reggae Star ‘Tiken Jah Fakoly’ Rocks Asmara