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Eritrea Reportedly Pledged to Donate 40K tons of Food Aid to South Sudan

The government and people of South Sudan should count Eritrea as a friend

A friend in need. The intervention of Eritrea was to save lives and to alleviate the suffering of 5.3 million people in need of assistance.


The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management has revealed that the government of Eritrea will donate 40,000 tons humanitarian food aid to South Sudan.

This comes after a delegation from the ministry and the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission visited Asmara last month. Continue reading Eritrea Reportedly Pledged to Donate 40K tons of Food Aid to South Sudan

Ethiopia is Facing a Killer Drought

The government is playing down the severity of the crisis to keep the country from looking bad internationally.

It’s going almost unnoticed. Though famine was averted through concerted action between the Ethiopian government and donor groups, many parts of the Ethiopian highlands are still recovering from the 2015-2016 drought. (Michael Tewelde/World Food Program)


The announcement by the United Nations in March that 20 million people in four countries were teetering on the edge of famine stunned the world and rammed home the breadth of the humanitarian crisis faced by so many in 2017.

Yet even as donors struggle to meet the severe needs in the war-torn nations of Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen, another crisis, more environmental in nature, is taking place nearby — nearly unnoticed. Continue reading Ethiopia is Facing a Killer Drought

Martin Plaut and Ethiopia’s Politics of Famine

CRAP MENTALITY. Ethiopia routinely blames Eritrea for almost anything that goes wrong in the country. Since it is absurd to blame Eritrea for the famine, Eritrea must have implicated in a phantom famine of itself. 


This past year has not been so kind to Ethiopia’s beleaguered, ruling regime, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). After rigging the 2015 parliamentary elections, the regime has faced incessant protest by Oromo and Amhara activists, which has led to thousands of deaths, mass incarceration, an internet ban, killing of foreigners and destruction of foreign firms, triggering the government to declare a state of emergency and drawing international condemnation. Continue reading Martin Plaut and Ethiopia’s Politics of Famine

U.S. Warns South Sudan Govt Against ‘Deliberate Starvation Tactics’

U.S. slams South Sudan government for deliberately hampering aid effort. (Photo: Siegfried Modola/Reuters)


The United States warned South Sudan’s government on Thursday that preventing humanitarian aid workers from reaching parts of the war-torn state that are suffering famine could “amount to deliberate starvation tactics.”

A civil war erupted in 2013 when President Salva Kiir, an ethnic Dinka, fired his deputy, Riek Machar, a Nuer, who has fled and is now in South Africa. The United Nations says at least one-quarter of South Sudanese have been displaced. Continue reading U.S. Warns South Sudan Govt Against ‘Deliberate Starvation Tactics’

Ethiopia: Drought Emergency Spirals Amid Major Aid Shortages

Millions of Ethiopians needs food, water and emergency medical care that are in short supply already due to funding shortages


Millions of drought-stricken Ethiopians needing food, water and emergency medical care are not receiving it due to funding shortages, the United Nations said, warning the crisis will worsen if spring rains fail as predicted.

Some 5.6 million people need food aid in the Horn of Africa nation, which has been hit by a series of back-to-back droughts.

“The needs relating to the developing emergency exceed resources available to date,” the U.N.’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said on Monday. Continue reading Ethiopia: Drought Emergency Spirals Amid Major Aid Shortages

Ethiopia’s Cruel Con Game

HOLLY COW. The Ethiopian regime has used the specter of al-Shabaab masterfully to wrap the Bush and Obama administrations around their fingers and keep on milking the American taxpayer cash cow $30 billion dollars. According to the UN, the amount of money stolen by the regime in the same period was $30 billion dollars. The U.S. and the rest of the international community have turned a blind eye to this theft of taxpayer money and the millions of lives destroyed in its wake. (Jose Cendon/Bloomberg News)

By David Steinman | Forbes,

In what could be an important test of the Trump Administration’s attitude toward foreign aid, the new United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, and UN aid chief Stephen O’Brien have called on the international community to give the Ethiopian government another $948 million to assist a reported 5.6 million people facing starvation. Continue reading Ethiopia’s Cruel Con Game