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Al-Basar Medical Team: Giving Light to Thousands of People

The Al-Basar medical team from Sudan successfully completed their Eritrea eye treatment medical mission
The Al-Basar medical team from Sudan have successfully completed their Eritrea medical mission by carrying out around 1,281 restorative surgeries, distributing 3,700 glasses and providing 6,000 treatment supplies.


Parallel to the efforts being made to provide secure, affordable and quality health service, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has been working, in collaboration with partners, to provide medical assistance from friendly institutions to participate in the medical efforts of the Ministry to provide special assistance to people who need expertise surgeries. Continue reading Al-Basar Medical Team: Giving Light to Thousands of People

Towards A Trachoma-Free Eritrea

The goal was made clear – to reach a Trachoma-Free nation by 2020

The National Blindness Prevention and Control program has set a goal to make a national impact assessment in 2018, a surveillance program in 2019 and declare trachoma free Eritrea by 2020. (© ARCHIVE ANTHONY SUAU)


Trachoma is an eye disease and one of the many causes for people’s loss of vision and blindness. It is one of the eighteen underestimated tropical diseases that infected around a billion people with lower standard of living.

According to the 2016 WHO Alliance for GET 2020 Database, 200 million people live in areas where trachoma is highly likely to spread. At the moment, 2.2 million of the world population has developed a vision problem due to trachoma. Out of this figure, it is sad to see the 1.2 million have already become blind. Continue reading Towards A Trachoma-Free Eritrea