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Selling Children: Ethiopian Regime’s Lucrative Industry

how lucrative can the business of selling helpless babies be?
Caring for the 5 million orphans in a country of 70 million costs $115 million a month. But for a government whose allocate annual health budget of only $140 million preferred to go out of its way and make adoption easier and accessible. It even named the program as “Alternative Child Care” and in no time the program becomes the new export industry for the regime. But how lucrative the business of selling helpless babies can be?

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

A few years ago, on a flight from Frankfurt, I sat on the same row with a family who captured everyone’s attention because of the children they were carrying and holding. There were three, the two older children looked like they could be 7-10 year olds, and the third was a toddler-may be have been 2-3 years old. They stood out, not because the parents were Caucasian, but because the young toddler cried throughout the entire 8 hour trip. If she fell asleep, we could still hear her sleepy weeps. Why was she crying so uncontrollably? Was she in pain, was she sick? Was it her ears adjusting to the air pressure… what was wrong?  And then it came, she screamed, emaye…emaye … emaye, she was crying for her mother. Continue reading Selling Children: Ethiopian Regime’s Lucrative Industry

Ethiopia’s External Debt Surged to USD 14 Billion

DEBT and GROWTH. Ethiopia’s external debt has grown by 156 % in the past five years. Debt-to-GDP ratio has reached an all time high of 35 percent and continues to grow. Do they really know increasing the country’s debt obligations impoverishes the population further?

By Horn Affairs,

THE total outstanding external debt surged from 5.6 Billion USD in 2009/10 to 14 Billion USD in 2013/14, according to the data Horn Affairs obtained from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

More than half of the amount is directly owed by Ministry of Finance, while the rest belongs to public enterprises.

Of the 5.6 Billion USD borrowed by public enterprises, 2.6 Billion USD is guaranteed by the government (via the Ministry of Finance and/or the state owned bank Commercial Bank of Ethiopia).  Continue reading Ethiopia’s External Debt Surged to USD 14 Billion

Canada Appoints Non-Resident Ambassador to Eritrea

Ambassador Rossetti presenting his credentials to President Afwerki

By TesfaNews,

THE Canadian government this week appointed Mr. Dominique Rossetti, the Chargé d’affaires to Sudan, as its first non-resident ambassador to Eritrea.

Ambassador Rossetti presented his letter of credence to President Isaias Afwerki on Thursday (09).

Prior to Ambassador Dominique Rossetti’s appointment, Canada was represented by an Honorary Consul in Asmara. The Eritrean embassy in Washington DC was responsible for Canada with a consulate in Toronto. Continue reading Canada Appoints Non-Resident Ambassador to Eritrea

Ethiopia’s 4th Largest Export, Khat, Suffers after European Ban

Khat is a thriving business and an important cash crop for the corrupt authorities in Ethiopia. The internationally illegal drug, however, is popular among youth and adults in Ethiopia who spends their productive time by chewing it ceremoniously and for long time. The drug is associated with dangerous habits such as drinking, unprotected sex, reproductive and HIV AIDS problem among the use. Who is to blame?


FOR a town seen as a key trading centre for khat, a drug that is banned in many countries, Ethiopia’s Awaday can seem pretty drowsy and laid-back.

As the sun sets on the small eastern town, farmers and brokers of the amphetamine shrub rouse from an afternoon slumber to cut deals in the bustling market, one of the busiest centres of international trade for the leaves.

Khat, a multi-million dollar business for countries across the Horn of Africa and in Yemen, consists of the succulent purple-stemmed leaves and shoots of a bush whose scientific name is Catha edulisContinue reading Ethiopia’s 4th Largest Export, Khat, Suffers after European Ban

China Imports $20 million Worth of Copper from Eritrea

Concentrate Export Operation at the ore concentrate Terminal in Massawa port, Eritrea. Rotainer loading device in foreground and grey Bisha mine copper concentrate containers in background

By CapitalEritrea

PANAMA flagged cargo ship “Thor Glory” unloaded 11,450 tonnes of copper concentrate, valued at $ 20,437,700, at the Port of Nantong in the Jiangsu province of China.

The press reports state that the copper was imported from Eritrea, but do not mention the exact port of origin. The cargo was probably shipped via Dubai as it is the vessel’s closest port of call to Eritrea.  Continue reading China Imports $20 million Worth of Copper from Eritrea