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Dozens Die as Migrant Boat Deflates in Mediterranean

As people smugglers take advantage of calmer seas
The enticement of cash and calm seas. As people smugglers take advantage of calmer seas, it has caused an acceleration of inflow of people desperately dreaming of reaching a better life in Europe. Over the weekend alone, boatloads of about 4,800 migrants have been rescued off the coast of Libya by the Italian coast guard and navy in what seems to be the biggest rescue operation of its kind this year


DOZENS of migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean after a boat carrying an estimated 137 people deflates south of Sicily, Save the Children says.

The aid group says survivors reported up to 40 people fell into the sea as a rescue vessel was approaching.

Those rescued arrived in the Sicilian port city of Catania on Tuesday.

At least 1,829 people have died so far this year trying to cross the Mediterranean, a 20-fold increase on the same period in 2014.

Giovanna di Benedetto, Save the Children’s representative in Catania, said the latest incident was thought to have happened on Sunday, but the exact toll was not known.

“They [survivors] said there were 137 people aboard an inflatable boat that deflated or exploded – it wasn’t clear – and that some of them fell overboard,” Ms di Benedetto told AFP news agency.

“Some said ‘very many’ died, others said ‘around 40′,” she added. The survivors were picked up by a Maltese merchant ship and five bodies were also recovered.

Dramatic footage of the rescue, obtained by The Associated Press (AP), shows migrants desperately jumping off a deflating dinghy, and trying to climb up ropes and a rope ladder to the merchant ship. One of the migrants, Astoy Fall Dia from Senegal, told AP she managed to survive because she knew how to swim and stayed close to the dinghy.

She described hearing the “boom” of an explosion, before the merchant ship came to the rescue.

“There was the big ship there and they threw down ropes, someone grabbed on to the rope, all the other people started pushing to try to save themselves but then people started falling in the water.”

About 100 people were found on a second boat, with no deaths reported, the aid agency added.

The number of migrants attempting to make the perilous journey across the Mediterranean has risen in recent weeks as smugglers take advantage of fair weather.

In the past three days about 7,000 people have been rescued and 10 bodies recovered off the Libyan coast, according to the Italian coastguard.

Italian and French ships picked up survivors from wooden and rubber boats on at least 17 separate operations.

Meanwhile Turkey’s coastguard on Tuesday said it had rescued more than 600 people trying to cross the Aegean Sea in the past week, Reuters reports.

More than 400 were men, women and children fleeing Syria, while the rest came from Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar (also known as Burma) and various African countries, the office of the Izmir provincial governor is quoted as saying.

The latest deaths come as naval chiefs from 26 European countries are due to discuss the migrant crisis at talks in Naples, southern Italy.

EU nations agreed last month to triple funding for rescue operations run by European border agency Frontex, contribute more boats and patrol aircraft for rescue efforts, and look at ways to target smugglers’ boats with military strikes.

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VIDEO: Dramatic footage emerged Tuesday of a Mediterranean Sea rescue showing migrants on a sinking rubber boat desperately clambering up ropes and a ladder from a cargo ship that came to their aid. Five bodies were recovered and survivors reported many others drowned.
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The Real Reasons Why Migrants Risk Everything for a New Life Elsewhere

QUESTIONS. How do we stop this from happening again? Why are these people taking such risks? Why has illegal-boat migration to Europe peaked during certain years? Why are the migrants tended to be not very poor? (The Eritrean migrant shown in the above iconic rescue picture, for instance, paid $10,000 in order to reach to the shores of Greece.)

By Doug Saunders,

I MET Marlon, a Sudanese man who had walked across great expanses of desert to Libya, on the edge of Tripoli as he prepared to visit a remote beach at midnight and pay a hard-saved $2,000 to get onto an overcrowded, unseaworthy boat headed to Italy. He knew that the risk of death was high, so was trying to choose his boat carefully, to avoid the sort of fate that has made headlines around the world. He knew the risk too well: “My good friend paid the man and then disappeared, and then I learned that he had drowned when his ship sank,” he told me. “I want to get out of here, but not that badly.”  Continue reading The Real Reasons Why Migrants Risk Everything for a New Life Elsewhere

EU – Africa Conference on Khartoum Process Launched

VERY COMMENDABLE. Europe believes a long‑term solutions to the current refugee crises and migrant flows can be found by working together with the countries of origin and transit. The million dollar question will be, does Europe have the political will to challenge some of the misguided US policies in this part of the region? If YES how and if NO, why holding such a Conference?

By CapitalEritrea,

THE EU – Horn of Africa Migration Route Initiative (Khartoum Process) was launched on Friday under Italy’s EU Council Presidency at a ministerial conference in Rome. Participating countries included the EU’s 28 Member States, Libya, Egypt Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Tunisia.

Since Italy assumed the EU Council Presidency migration and refugee policy was put at the heart of the EU’s foreign policy agenda bringing the issue into the spotlight. The initiative aims to promote concrete projects for the more effective management of migration flows in the countries of the Horn of Africa and the main Mediterranean countries of transit (Libya, Egypt and Tunisia). Continue reading EU – Africa Conference on Khartoum Process Launched

Eritrea Appoints New Ambassador to Italy

Ceremony. Welcoming Ambassador Fisehatsion Petros as Eritrea’s new envoy to Italy

By Shabait,

AMBASSADOR Fisehatsion Petros, who has been appointed as Eritrea’s new envoy to Italy, presented his letter of credentials to President Giorgio Napolitano.

During the presentation ceremony, the  Ambassador conveyed President Isaias’ message of greetings and goodwill to the Italian leader, and stated that the existing historic relations between Eritrea and Italy provides solid ground for fostering mutual understanding and  cooperation.  Continue reading Eritrea Appoints New Ambassador to Italy

ስደት ማለት እንታይ ኢዩ? ሃገር ማለት ከ?

“A lot of (Social) media attention in our country for sudden increase of Eritrean refugees + football teams to Netherlands” – @susanblankhart, Netherlands Ambassador to Sudan

ወዲ ሰብ ኣብ ዝመረጾ ቦታ ይኹን ዓዲ ክነብር መሰሉ እኵ እንተኾነ፡ ብሕጋዊ ወይ ብዘይሕጋዊ መንገዲ ምቕስቃስ ኢዩ እቲ ናይ ሕቶ ምልክት። እዚ ሕጂ ንርእዮ ዘሎና ናይ ኤርትራዊያን ናብ ኣውሮፓ ስደት ንሓደጋ ዘቓልዕ ስለዝኾነ ኣተሓሳሳቢ እንዳኾነ ይመጽእ ኣሎ።

By Eritrea Holland Media,

ሃገር ማለት አንታይ ማለት ኢዩ?

ንሓንቲ ሃገር ከም ሃገር ከጸውዓ ዝኽእል መለኪዒታት ክህለዋ ኣሎ። ንኣብነት ፍሉይ መለለይ ዘለዎ ህዝቢ፣ ናይ ገዛእ ርእሳ ባንዴራ፡ መራሒ ሃገር ከምኡውን ልኡላዊ መሬታ ፍሉጥ ዝኾነ ሕንጹጽ ከባቢ ገለ ክፋል ካብ ናይ ሓንቲ ሃገር መለለይ ኢዮም። ተወሳኺ ኣምር ናይ ሃገር ከም ኩሉ ናይ ገዛእ ርእሳ ታሪኽ፡ ባህሊ፡ ቝንቝ፡ ዝተቓራረብ ስነ-ኣእምሮኣዊ ኣቀማምጣ፥ ናይ ሓባር ፖለቲካዊ ቁጠባዊ ስርዓት፡ ናይ ሓባር ጆኦግራፍያዊ ኣቀማምጣ ገለ ካብቶም ቀንዲ መለለይ ሃገር ኢዮም።

ኣብ ዓለም ዘለዋ ሃገራት ንኣማጻጽኣ ዝምልከት ነናይ ገዛ ርእሰን ታሪኻዊ መስርሕ ኢየን ሓሊፈን። ንኣብነት ደቡብን ሰሜንን ኣሜሪካ ቅድሚ ከልተ ሰለስተ ክፍለ ዘመን ክሎምቦስ ናብ ህንዲ ዝሓሰቦ ብሃንደብት ምስ ዝረኸቦ መሬት በብቑሩብ ሰብ ክሰፍሮ ምስ ጀመረ ናብ ሃገራት ተምሰሪትን።  Continue reading ስደት ማለት እንታይ ኢዩ? ሃገር ማለት ከ?