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What Happens Next in Ethiopia’s Political Turmoil

Abiy’s ultimate goal is to move Ethiopia away from ethnic politics.
Abiy’s ultimate goal is to move Ethiopia away from ethnic politics, closer to the kind of secular federalism that exists elsewhere. The problem? It’s not clear that’s what Ethiopians want, and it’s not clear he can drive that in a democracy. (Photo: @AbiyAhmedAli)


This week Ethiopia’s government entered the controversial sixth year of its five-year mandate. But the administration of Abiy Ahmed isn’t going anywhere… not even after a particularly violent summer. Covid-19 has produced plenty of political drama these last few months, but Ethiopia has experienced more than most—here’s why. Continue reading What Happens Next in Ethiopia’s Political Turmoil

If Not Abiy Ahmed, Then Who? I Stand by Ethiopia and Abiy Ahmed!  

“If Abiy Ahmed is not to lead Ethiopia now, then who!?

“At this critical time in Ethiopia’s history, I believe Ethiopian intellectuals must take a leading and active role in the public debate to shape the future of their homeland. But there is a deficit in the supply of transformational and visionary Ethiopian thinkers with revolutionary ideas to re-invent Ethiopian society.” –  Alemayehu G. Mariam, June 21, 2010


Today, we live in a time of universal deceit. Many Ethiopians in the country and in the diaspora, and particularly the so-called elites sporting an alphabet soup of acronyms after their names, are living comfortably in self-deceit.

So, I am going to engage in a revolutionary act by asking – and throwing the gauntlet to one and all — one simple question which demands a declaration of the truth: If Abiy Ahmed is not to lead Ethiopia today, who will?

The members of the lunatic fringe who proclaim “there are two governments in Ethiopia and they can seize power in 24 hours if they want to?

The ruthless thugs that have been sucking the lifeblood of Ethiopia for over a quarter of a century and today are scheming to unleash ethnic conflict and steal their way back to power in the chaos?

The hoity-toity diaspora “intellectuals” who are abysmally clueless about what it takes to govern a long-abused and misgoverned country like Ethiopia?

The tired old Derg dregs who blow their horns in the diaspora while hiding their blood-soaked hands from public view?

The old fogies who find themselves marooned in exile pipe dreaming about the good old days?

The power-hungry ideologues who blather empty words about “revolutionary democracy”, “ethnic federalism”, the “national question”, the “ethnic question” and demonize leaders who kept Ethiopia free from colonialism when all of Africa was enslaved by European imperial powers?

The nattering nabobs of negativism who palm themselves off as the “media”, “journalists” and “reporters” by propagating fake news, lies and disinformation?

The ethnonationalist preachers of hate and their mindless mob killing, looting and burning homes, business and public facilities in an effort at ethnic cleansing?

The robotic “activists” whose slogan is, “I am against everything!”

The moles hidden deep in the bureaucracy, the military, the police and in the security forces working day and night to bring down the current administration?

The two-faced villainous politicians who smile as they murder and murder as they smile; who during the day hobnob with the administration and at night dig tunnels to bring it down?

The skunks and wolves in sheep’s clothing who work secretly with Ethiopia’s enemies to destroy Ethiopia’s epic national development project?

The myopic windbags passing themselves of as party leaders but cannot present to the public a single page of competing economic, political or social programs if they life depended on it? Or even respond to or offer a principled and robust critique of what has been proposed by the current administration?

The cyber crybabies throwing temper tantrum blogs whining and bellyaching?

The “experts” who returned to Ethiopia begging to be government advisors and when turned down turned their quills as guided missiles to attack the current administration?

The armchair politicians pontificating about what should be done while stuffing their faces with tre sega and washing it down with cognac and whiskey?

Let me make it clear.

There is no shortage of self-styled leaders ready to plunge Ethiopia into civil war to grab power.

There is no shortage of mafiosi leaders ready to plunder the treasury and rip off the people of Ethiopia.

There is no shortage of bloodthirsty criminals who will step on heaps of dead bodies of innocent citizens at the drop of a hat to seize the mantle of power.

The question is:

Is there any leader in Ethiopia today who has demonstrated the same level of courage, intelligence, vision, self-confidence, strategic thinking, honesty and integrity, communications skills, humility, passion and dedication as Abiy Ahmed?

If so, who is that leader? I challenge anyone, everyone, to name him or her!

We have a choice to make

Ethiopia today is at the crossroads.

We are at the fork in the road.

We can march forward confident in the future to a promised land of prosperity, dignity, fraternity, equality and humanity.

We can walk back and free fall into a bottomless vortex of poverty, the shameful politics of ethnicity and live in a society marked by inhumanity, cruelty, enmity and irrationality.

We can make a right turn and uphold human rights and undo human wrongs. We can be on the right side of history and do right by the people of Ethiopia.

We can turn left and be left behind. We can sit on the dock of the bay watch the ship of change sail into a brave new future. We can stand on the platform and watch the train of called prosperity leave the station carrying those who have confidence in themselves and the future.

We have a choice to make!

Do we want the Old Ethiopia mired in poverty, destructive politics of ethnicity, kililized territoriality and a government of no accountability?

Or the New Ethiopia of prosperity, community, civility, and rationality.

We can choose the path of democracy and representative government or go back to the days of fake elektions and democracy.

We can revert to ethnic apartheid or build true federalism.

We can choose between the rule of law and the rule of murderous men with guns.

Let’s face facts, the truth! Better yet, let’s be honest and face our consciences.

For the past two years, Ethiopia has shown a magnificent trajectory out of thugtatorship into multiparty democracy, rule of law and expansion of civil liberties.

No one but no one except those whose souls are fatally infected by the coronavirus of self-hate and hate of others, the Forces of Darkness and the dregs of history can deny that.

The road Ethiopia has taken over the past two years has been bumpy but the road map remains clear:

Ethiopia is rising above the petty politics of ethnicity, sectarianism and communalism.

The inert, comatose and useless practitioners of ethnic and sectarian politics should learn one lesson: “Ethiopia built and preserved with the blood, sweat and tears of illiterate patriots will not be destroyed by educated ignoramuses.”

We have a choice to make today. Now!

Choice is what makes a human being a human being. Of course, not choosing is a choice in itself. Choosing against one’s own self-interest is also a choice.

At this particular moment in Ethiopian history, there will be no fence-sitting, flip-flopping, vacillating, equivocating, or waffling.

“I see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing, say nothing” is not an option.

“Let me see. I need to think about it. Maybe…” is no good.

Turning a deaf ear, blind eyes and muted lips are not options.

Hiding in the herd of the silent majority is not possible.

The one and ONLY choice is to stand with Ethiopia and Abiy Ahmed or to stand against Ethiopia and Abiy Ahmed.

I made my choice to stand with Ethiopia and Abiy Ahmed a long time ago.

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Open Letter to President Isaias from Oromo Scholars and Professionals

What exactly President Isaias has said in his recent interview to upset a section of the Oromo people, including scholars and professionals? Are they lost in translation?


Mr. Isaias Afwerki,
President of Eritrea                                                                                                            February 28, 2020

Your Excellency,

We, the undersigned Oromo scholars and professionals, write this letter to you to express our disappointment in your recent position on events in Oromia and Ethiopia as expressed during your February 08, 2020 interview on Eritrean Television. These views reveal perverse readiness to intervene in the internal matters of our country and are hostile towards popular demands to democratize Ethiopia. Continue reading Open Letter to President Isaias from Oromo Scholars and Professionals

Blast at Pro-Abiy Rally in Oromia Injured 29

Oromia region apparently torn between supporters and opponents of PM Abiy Ahmed

“Most Oromo nationalists consider themselves Oromo first and only accept Ethiopian identity with conditions. Abiy Ahmed’s political train is moving so fast with the Pan-Ethiopian idea that many Oromo nationalists have hopped off. Thus, the Oromo elites are describing Abiy as ‘neftegna.’ But to really help take Ethiopia forward, Oromo nationalists need to take further progressive measures, rather than simply reject Abiy’s unitary party.” – Nagessa Dube


A “bomb attack” on a rally in support of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed injured nearly 30 people Sunday, a police official said, in the latest sign of instability ahead of elections in August. Continue reading Blast at Pro-Abiy Rally in Oromia Injured 29

Excerpts of President Isaias Afwerki Interview on Regional Issues (II)

“Political developments in Ethiopia affects Eritrea directly. So we need to closely monitor the situation and make our views known to avoid damages later. It is with this perspective that we should strive to make modest contributions.”


It is to be remembered that on 7 and 9 February 2020, National media outlets, Eri- Tv and Dimtsi Hafash Radio Program, have conducted exclusive interview with His Excellency President Isaias Afwerki on range of subjects focusing both on regional and domestic issues. Continue reading Excerpts of President Isaias Afwerki Interview on Regional Issues (II)

Game Over for Ethiopia Ethnic Federalism: Isaias

On February 7, Eritrean state television broadcast a Tigrinya interview of with Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki where he criticized at length the polarization of Ethiopians along ethnic lines and the consequences it entails over Eritrea and the Horn of Africa region. Below are the unofficial translated excerpts.


The reason why this area is immersed in unceasing conflict is because of the direct interference of external forces. The enduring bloodshed in parts of the Horn of Africa is the upshot of substantial impact of these hostile powers. Continue reading Game Over for Ethiopia Ethnic Federalism: Isaias

Ethiopia Faces More Conflict with Sidama Pushes for Regional Status

‘Acceding to the Sidama could encourage other ethnic groups to follow suit and cause more chaos.’ – Crisis Group

Ethiopia’s internal crisis may worsen this month if the small Sidama ethnic group carries out a threat to unilaterally declare a new semi-autonomous region


Ethiopia’s destabilising regional frictions may worsen this month if the small Sidama ethnic group carries out a threat to unilaterally declare a new semi-autonomous region in defiance of the federal government, a global think-tank said on Thursday. Continue reading Ethiopia Faces More Conflict with Sidama Pushes for Regional Status

Ethnic Politics: The Peril of Ethiopia?

“Ethnic politics is Ethiopia’s Primary National Security Threat” – Gov’t

Fears of Ethiopia suffering Africa’s next interethnic conflict are growing. (Photo: Mulugeta Ayene/Associated Press)


The euphoria that engulfed the country one year ago when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assumed the hot seat at Arat kilo seems to be receding slowly. Another round of protests is visiting the country and they are erupting here and there. In fact, protests are even happening in places that have been relatively peaceful during the three years of protests which resulted in the ongoing reform led by the PM and his team. Continue reading Ethnic Politics: The Peril of Ethiopia?