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A Desperate Plea from Ethiopian Refugees in Yemen

call-assab-port-yemenBy Tedla Asfaw,

MANY foreigners are fleeing Yemen by sea to Djibouti because of the continued and discriminate Saudi airstrikes. I wonder why Ethiopians are not going to Assab which is very close from the Aden port to save their lives.

There is no report so far confirming how many Ethiopian refugees flee to Djibouti. As it happened before, though, Djibouti won’t hesitate to hand over these refugees back to Ethiopia. Those who fled Ethiopia for political reason have, therefore, two choices: Either to dig deep, hide and pray for the bombardment to stop or save themselves by taking the less than one hour boat ride and flee to AssabContinue reading A Desperate Plea from Ethiopian Refugees in Yemen

The “Ethiopian Exodus” that Floods Yemen

Political chaos in Yemen helped the country’s smugglers to thrive using the thousands of migrants from the Horn of Africa who are desperate to use the country as a gateway to Saudi Arabia. In September 2014, for instance, the RMMS reported 12,768 arrivals predominantly from Ethiopia, representing the single largest monthly influx on record. Many of the migrants in the new spike are the same ones that were deported to Ethiopia by the Saudis.

By Sam B.,

THE Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS) is again reporting a dramatic increase in Ethiopians fleeing their country from hunger, poverty and deplorable human rights abuses to Yemen. The RMMS core Steering Committee and founding agencies are UNHCR, IOM, DRC, Intersos and the Yemen Mixed Migration Task Force. Continue reading The “Ethiopian Exodus” that Floods Yemen

Israel: All Eritrean Disguised Ethiopian Immigrants to be Deported

Personal Interviews exposes Ethiopian immigrants claiming Eritrean

By Ilan Lior,

The Interior Ministry is challenging asylum claims by Eritreans who, it says, are Ethiopian and thus eligible for deportation. A Central District Court judge has ruled in favor of the state in 18 out of 19 petitions against the ministry’s classification.

Eritrean citizens in Israel are granted collective ‘temporary protection‘ and are not deported to Eritrea. There are currently 36,067 ‘Eritreans’ in Israel, according to Border and Immigration Authority data.  Continue reading Israel: All Eritrean Disguised Ethiopian Immigrants to be Deported

Ethiopia’s 50% Unemployment Pushes Youth to Extremes

Poverty and unemployment drives Ethiopian youth to the unknown

By TesfaNews,

Recently we have been witnessing two self-contradictory statements that describe Ethiopia’s economic growth. One calls Ethiopia as one of the world’s fastest growing economies and the other as a country with more than half of its young workers out of a job.

Both statements cannot be true at the same time as it obviously defies both principles of economics as well as common sense.

According to a report by Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi, it’s not that difficult to tell which statement is pretentious.  Continue reading Ethiopia’s 50% Unemployment Pushes Youth to Extremes

Over 4,600 Ethiopian Refugees Cross Eritrea in June

Growing number of Tigray refugees in Eritrea

By Durame,

A record-breaking 4,634 Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers have crossed into neighboring Eritrea for the month of June, opposition sources in Asmara have disclosed.

Eritrea, which is currently housing tens of thousands of Ethiopian refugees, has declined to comment about the alarming number of Ethiopian youth entering their borders.

Severe government oppression and lack of economic opportunities are the leading causes of youth fleeing Ethiopia, according to refugees inside the country.  Continue reading Over 4,600 Ethiopian Refugees Cross Eritrea in June

U.S. Should Honor the Algiers Agreement

No self-respecting Eritrean can ever accept the continued occupation of its sovereign land for such long. Enough!

By Bereket Kidane,

No self-respecting Eritrean will ever accept the fact that sovereign Eritrean territories continue to be illegally held by the TPLF-regime eleven years after the Hague-based border commission issued its ruling.

Unfortunately, the United States, despite being the chief negotiator and guarantor of the Algiers Agreement, has abdicated its responsibility as a “guarantor” in making sure the border commission’s verdict is translated on the ground in its entirety with demarcation being the final phase to conclude the boundary commission’s work. Continue reading U.S. Should Honor the Algiers Agreement

Ethiopian FM Run for his Life After Scuffle with Angry Protesters in South Africa

FM Tedros was forced to drop his wallet, eyeglass and note book behind to save his life from angry Ethiopian protesters living in South Africa

By Getahune Bekele,

Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Tedros Adhanom’s 30 meters sprint to a waiting car after being separated from his body guards during scuffle with refugees must have been the most embarrassing moment of his life.

He lost his wallet, a note book and his glasses while sprinting like a cheetah.

The warlord was in South Africa to meet TPLF cadres and supporters at Hyatt hotel in Rose bank near Johannesburg when angry refugees and members of the Ethiopian community association gate crashed the gathering which was being attended by less than 50 TPLF cadres out of an estimated 3,000 belived to be living in South Africa.  Continue reading Ethiopian FM Run for his Life After Scuffle with Angry Protesters in South Africa

Norway to Deport 400 Ethiopian Refugees

Voluntary Returnees Promised to receive $6,000 Benefit up on arrival

By The Reporter,

Starting from March 15, the Norwegian government is set to deport over 400 Ethiopian refugees living in the country without legal documents or resident permit back to Ethiopia.

This was followed after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on January 26 between Mr. Torgeir Larsen, the State Secretary for Norwegian government and Ambassador Berhane Gebrekristos, in Addis Ababa. The MoU envisages that the agreement would enable Ethiopian citizens in Norway to return to Ethiopia in a secure and dignified manner. Continue reading Norway to Deport 400 Ethiopian Refugees