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Eritrea Dismisses US Sanctions on Shabaab-linked Suspects

US froze US-based assets of Col. Tewolde Habte Negash and Col. Taeme Abraham Goitom?!?!? … LOL

By Capital FM,

Eritrea on Saturday denounced as unfounded US sanctions imposed on two Eritrean government officials accused of links to al-Qaeda affiliated Somali rebels.

They had been targeted “not because there is a shred of truth or material evidence to the false accusations heaped upon them” but because the US wanted to give the impression it was tightening its sanctions, said a statement.  Continue reading Eritrea Dismisses US Sanctions on Shabaab-linked Suspects

How to End the Stalemate in Somalia

If shoring up the TFG is counterproductive at best, and “constructive disengagement” is impolitic, what should come next?

By Bronwyn Bruton and J. Peter Pham,

Since 2007, al Shabab, an al Qaeda-linked militia, has been locked in a violent stalemate with Somalia’s weak and dysfunctional Transitional Federal Government (TFG). Back in 2009, it was clear that this conflict was far from inevitable: today’s tragedy is a result of a series of bad policy decisions by the United States, regional actors, and the United Nations. And it has been actively sustained by external forces – al Qaeda provided al Shabab funding and tactical expertise while the United States and other countries bolstered the TGF, fueling an unproductive conflict. Somalis in Mogadishu have sometimes characterized the bloody saga as a “diaspora war,” as both sides are at least partially proxies for foreign powers. Continue reading How to End the Stalemate in Somalia