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Analysis: The Algiers Peace Agreement

The UN Security Council as Guarantor to the Algiers Peace Agreement and the ensuing impact on the peace and security in the Horn of Africa

“No mechanisms to revisit the EEBC decision and the first step towards normalisation of relation with Eritrea is if Ethiopia unconditionally accept the final and binding nature of the Commission’s findings” – Lord Eric Avebury

By Ruby Sandhu,

This paper is dedicated to Lord Avebury, liberal Democrat and a Friend of Eritrea. He engaged with the British Government, MPs as well as the Eritrean and Ethiopian Governments on the failure of the Ethiopian Government to comply with the decision of the Eritrean Ethiopian Boundary Commission and the ensuing impact on the people of Eritrea and on peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.

During one of my meetings with him, he requested that I provide an overview of the current impasse. Sadly, I was unable to complete this task for him to review before he died peacefully at his London home on the 14th February 2016. Continue reading Analysis: The Algiers Peace Agreement